What would you do to the resort?

Started by lil-shawn, April 16, 2009, 08:57:00 PM

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Give the whole place a new lick of paint......it needs it :lol:

Epcot_Boy :ears:



Quote from: "Alan"I agree with what you're saying. Those are the rules that Disney themselves created. That's the way Walt would've done it. That's the way it should be done. But Disney don't really stick to those rules anymore (e.g. Crush and Toon Studio). In fact, the majority of the Walt Disney Studios Park takes the Imagineering rule book, and throws it out of the window.

I wouldn't complain if the Indiana Jones Adventure got built in Adventureland, where they planned. It makes perfect sense there. But, I don't know, I can't see Disney doing it anymore. It makes TOO much sense :-) They'll probably put a High School Musical Pin Trading Wild Mouse ride there instead.

Yeah, I can't really see it happen either. Indy in Adventureland, I mean, not the off-the-shelf Zack Efron coaster — they might have another gap year to fill soon...

The recent developments at California Adventure have reignited hope in a return to the better times... Paradise Pier has been given a back-story for Pete's sake. But so far it appears that that mentality hasn't spread beyond Southern California.

The best we can hope for is another surge in quality for Disneyland Paris' 20th anniversary. But even then I can't really see them build the maintenance nightmare that is Indy — especially not in the Disneyland Park. But good news for High School Musical fans.

Quote from: "lil-shawn"oh my gosh, hopefully this will not come true.
you know guys, for myself i think disney lost the right way,
they just need someone who tell them where the right way is.
i don´t think john lasseter is the right guy for this, he do a
good job on pixar but now at imageneeing is just wrong for me.
right now we get to much pixar film based attractions like
cars race rally, crush coaster, cars land, toystory mania ect.
where are the rides like big thunder mountain, phantom manor, pirates
of the caribbean ect. disney parks need more of this attractions,
and they have a lot old ideas in the arcives, they just need to work them out.

all the time i look on google earth at our studios i realy don´t know what
they could do that it will become a real disney park. our studios have such a
big capability, but there is a lot to do. the whole distribution of the park
seems wrong for me. i really don´t know how they can change it, in my eyes
everything will look wrong. i say break down studio 1 and put it on another
location, then they can make a really good hollywood blvd. like in DHS....

I think many of us fear you're right. I personally think that in its 2002 state, it had a shot in hell. It was a major fixer upper, but given €1 billion for expansion it might have served as an inoffensive entrance to the real park, haha. But with the Tower of Terror where it is and Toon Studio now pretty much set in stone... It's increasingly tough to turn this sew's ear into a silk purse. (Will stop with the idioms soon, I promise.)

The thing is, the park was so incredibly awful when it opened that anything they do to it pleases us to no end. But are they really doing what's best for the park in the long term? What will it look like in 20 years? It's a trifle grim indeed.


Nice ideas everybody...

Here's what I would do if I could invest 1 billion Euros (and by that get a nice and comfy seat at the Euro Disney board  :wink: ) into DL-sometimes R-P between 2012 and 2017:

Disneyland Park:
- Discoveryland-redo with Space Mountain upgrade (new trains, new effects, theme: going back to its steampunk-roots) and Star Tours 2
- Splash Mountain, Frontierland
- The Little Mermaid, Fantasyland
- A new nighttime parade
- a new daytime parade

Walt Disney Studios:
- Ratatouille dark ride, Toon Studio
- an upgraded "Animagique" stage show
- Hollywood Boulevard extension with "movie theatre" showing (an upgraded) "Philharmagic", a Sunset Boulevard inspired gift store and an Animator's Palette inspired restaurant. (At the transition point between Toon Studio / TSP / Ratatouille and Hollywood Boulevard)
- Relocation of Studio Tram Tour entrance to Backlot, reworked queue through prop-house, new sfx-scene, reworked and extended "boneyard"
- Creation of a Studios lagoon above Backlot: guests would exit Hollywood Boulevard looking over the lagoon to get a glimpse of an "American Harbour Backlot". Here, similar to the Hollywood Boulevard, flat sets and 3D sets would be combined to create the illusion of New York and San Francisco. Small boats would be anchored at the waterfront. The New York set would also include a Broadway Theatre for big musical-style productions and a "Rainbow Room" upscale restaurant.
- "World of Colour" lagoon show

Disney Village & Resort:
- Cirque du Soleil instead of BBWWS
- World of Disney Department Store
- new 4-star hotel between the Village and Newport - the ground-level of the hotel would house a few new restaurants and bars thereby extending the Village


hey guy´s,
so i think i have now the right idea how i would change the
the first pic shows you what i would do to the hollywood blvd and
art of disney anymation.

here we have the shop Off The Page, The Pixar Place Entrance and Disney Animation
all from disney california adventures - hollywood pictures backlot!
this would be the firs change, the second is to add the ratatouille dark ride,
at the costumes building.

the next part is to demolish all 3 studios and build new ones and a new
hollywood area with streets ect. didn´t found enough pics to finish it up
but i think this next pic will show you how i would do it!

on the right side (where you see studio 3 and the other building) there would
be the new studio 3 with a café at the hollywood blvd and toystory mania in
pixar place.
on the left side are the new studio 1+2 it will host the gone hollywood shop, a
restaurant, the great movie ride (or something like this) and a new higly themed
the black is a new building with a shop or restaurant or a walk trhough attraction.


Disneyland Park:

- All broken effects fixed
- Alice's Curious Ladyrith with walk around Alice characters
- BIG referbisments on every attraction
- Jack Sparrow added to Pirates of the Carribeen
- Fantasyland expansion
- Little Mermaid ride
- Beauty and the Beast show
- The Lion King ride in Adventureland
- Splash Mountain

Walt Disney Studios:

- All broken effects fixed
- BIG referbisments on every attraction
- Toon Studio renamed to Pixar Studio
- Toy Story Mania
- Ratatouille attraction
- Ratatouille restaurant (With balcony showing the kitchen scene of the ride, Like POTC)
- Incredibles Musical
- Wall-E playground
- UP attraction
- Studio Tour Tram rebuilt with new location, better scenes etc.
- Narnia attraction
- Soarin'

3rd gate:

- Expedition Everest
- Test Track
- Boat Transport from Disney Village to Resorts to the park
- Other rides from other Disney resorts

Disney Village:

- Expansion
- Boat Transport from Disney Village to Resorts to 3rd gate
- World of Disney store
- Candy store (Not sure if there is one)


- Monarail
- Boat Transport
- Disney Shows on Buses
- Buses to be like WDW Buses

I've gone a little bit too far with this.
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Great work and ideas guys, I'm especially impressed with yours lil-shawn, very creative indeed =D>  :mrgreen:


lil-shawn - love the ideas!! I've actually thought about the demolition of Studio 1 myself. Although I certainly would miss it, I think the park could definitely benefit more from it not being there. It would provide a better build up to Tower Of Terror, rather than being slapped right into it the second you leave Studio 1. The only thing is, Studio 1 is WDS's "Disneyland Hotel" as it seperates the park from the real world. With it not being there, we would need a new barrier. Perhaps a Hollywood themed hotel at the front of WDS? Or just some tall-ish buildings themed like the current Front Lot buildings?

The only thing I don't like about your idea is that we would lose Cinemagique - one the park's best attractions! :P


Quotelil-shawn - love the ideas!! I've actually thought about the demolition of Studio 1 myself. Although I certainly would miss it, I think the park could definitely benefit more from it not being there. It would provide a better build up to Tower Of Terror, rather than being slapped right into it the second you leave Studio 1. The only thing is, Studio 1 is WDS's "Disneyland Hotel" as it seperates the park from the real world. With it not being there, we would need a new barrier. Perhaps a Hollywood themed hotel at the front of WDS? Or just some tall-ish buildings themed like the current Front Lot buildings?

First i have to thank you all, i´m happy that you like the ideas! the next thing is i
think there is no need for studio 1, for me studio 1 is a big block with color. i like
the style of studio too, but i didn´t said we will loose it, the studio 1 building is just
on another place. i think we don´t need something like studio 1, if you look at the
new future buena vista street at DCA or at DHS this is all an open space
and it would look much better for a studio park. hope you understand what i mean...

QuoteThe only thing I don't like about your idea is that we would lose Cinemagique - one the park's best attractions!

no we don´t have to loos this show, but i needet this space, but studio 2 will be
on the same location, together with the new studio 1. in studio 1 i planed a
attraction like great movie ride or something similar and studio 2 a new show,
but why not give cinemagique a few new effects ect. i think it will be okay for me, it
wont have to be a new show..


Does anyone have this in larger form? The general idea looks good but I can't make out what any of the words say. What's that big grey building on the left, Indiana Jones Adventure?


no sorry don´t have it in larger form but clockwise its:
collonel (sp?) hatti pizza outpost,
indiana jones temple du peril,
indiana jones adventure entrance,
indiana jones adventures
and pirates of the caribbean!!

so thats all i think!


Let's see... If I had €1 billion to spend on improving the resort, what would I do?

Yes, I know I probably went over budget, but hey, this is just for fun, right?  :lol:

Let's start with Fantasyland.

- Add The Little Mermaid dark ride, the one originally planned for Disneyland Paris using the Peter Pan's Flight ride system.
- Location: Tucked into the corner of Fantasyland, beside the area where it was originally supposed to go. (beside It's A Small World) There would be a new pathway leading to the attraction.
- Cost: €110 million (Roughly basing on the cost of Disneyland's new attraction and the upgrades this version would have)

Demolish Storybook Land completely. Clear off the entire patch of land behind Alice's Curious Labyrinth to make way for a new themed land.
- Cost: €10 million.

- Add The Shadowlands
- Opening date: October 2011.

- The Enchanted Tower of Rapunzel (based off of the new Walt Disney Animation Studios Film, set for release in November, 2010) Would be a walk-through attraction similar to Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin.

- Alice in Wonderland dark ride, based off the new Tim Burton movie also set for release in 2010.
- Cost: Roughly €100 million.
- The Legend of Sleepy Hollow dark ride (based off of the classic Walt Disney Animation Studios film "The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad, without the Mr. Toad  :P )
- Cost: €90 million.
- The Nightmare Before Christmas dark ride, originally planned for Disney's MGM Studios.

Attraction concept and artwork is by Christopher Merritt - the characters are copyright Disney.
For more concept art and information, visit the Disney and more blog.

Cost: €130 million.
- Expand Alice's Curious Labyrinth hedge maze to the other side of the Disneyland Railroad into the new themed land. It would be located adjacent to the Alice in Wonderland dark ride.
- Cost: €10 million.

Now, moving onto Discoveryland!

- New Wall-E themed ride, similar to ride system being used in Monsters, Inc. Ride & Go Seek at Tokyo Disneyland.
- Cost: €88 million.

- The long-awaited Splash Mountain would be placed where it was planned to go, near the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue.
- Cost: €53.6 million. (equivalent to the $75 million invested in the international versions)

- Pirates of the Caribbean refurb to add the characters/storyline from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.
- Cost: €10 million.

Walt Disney Studios

- Replace Armageddon with Toy Story Mania.
- Cost: €57.2 million.

- Add the Mysterious Island
- Opening date: May 2013.
- Journey to the Center of the Earth
- 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
- Location: Behind the Studio Tram Tour.
- Cost: €300 million.


Speaking of Soarin', I just found this amazing photo online. This really captures the size and scale of the ride. It's a very unique angle showing all 87 seats suspended in the air:

Mrs. Jennes

wow @ brockboehm!
i'm so impressed! if this all would became true i would be the happiest human on earth. really, you thought so good, you have so great ides and especially replacing armageddon with toy story mania instead for keeping both is a great thought :)

A dream comes true the 10th Time in March \'10


hi im a long time listener first time caller this is my first post so here i go please be nice :mrgreen:  .....

disneyland park

- little mermaid (like the one in california but better with more light water features)
- its a small world (narrow down the countries to ones that people dont know much about or representation and there languages recordings would be done by people from the countries, accurate scaled down artutecture of the citys e.g india you would pass through there river banks smelling spices in the air and would be warm, norway would have high peaks around the buildings and be a bit cold)
-princesss mononoke (was a film reased in 97 in the west by touchstone originally japanese animae this ride would take you through the story probably a dark ride.
-steamboat willy (this would replace that ride that is dumbos train going around minitures of disney films this would be a water ride the boats would be based on the one that steamboat willy drives surrounded by screans would go through ride from mickeys perspective so in the cartoon when mickey sees minnie from out side the boat minnie would appear on the right screen.
-monsters inc door ride (i think every one knows how this would go the scene when there getting chased by randle this would be a stand up ride though so you stand in a door frame that straped in with handles on the side and the forced perspective method to make it look like your in a large room full of doors this would replace perter pans flight)
- halloween town ( 2 rides and a show based on nightmere before christmas if any one has every been on or seen nemisis at alton towers the first ride would be this but theme around jack skellington the 2nd would be a park ride of the film a saw a concept design that some one put forward to disney on the disney and more web site and the show would be the music from NB4XMAS and the surrounding area would be themed around halloween town.
-allices curious labernth (expanded has rooms that match the film e.g the room where she drinks the potion to make her smaller is there with cast members giving out drinks once every one has one the room raises up like in phantom mannor/haunted mansion so it looks like your geting smaller the door gets big enough to crawl through on the out side the flowers from golden afternoon looming overyou to pass through have to step on balancing lillys they will be on a shallow area of water so you have to get accross with out falling in
- mad hatters tea party (stays the same)
-dumbos flight (has slightly more speed and more dumbos and taller at the top a giant bubble machine that reeases loads of bubbles and on the dumbos leavers and buttons to move his trunk in directions and shoot water out)
-snow whites scary ride( a bit more spooky the part with the trees is very enclosed to the point that there brushing past you and increases speed like your running more sound affects but shows the kiss at the end of the ride and is bright and inspireing at the end)
-pinocchios voyage ( this will be a lot more of an intence ride then current makes you feel secluded at points like when he is in his cage bars would rise up from the side enclosing you in mode of transport heavy splashing when monstro appears and a big drop into his mouth)
-lancalots carosell- ( rethemed to emulate mary poppins so is done in the style of a trafitional victorian england horse carrosell playing organ versions of mary poppins songs)
- narnia:lion the witch and the wardrobe ride (dark ride of the film medium level intesity very stimulating e.g loud aslan roar and sounds of battles at the begining people walk through a room then into a wardrobe of coats then to the street lamp when lucy meets mr tumbles then queens sled appears as your mode of transport around the ride.

im sorry this is so long i was going to do one from all the lands main street usa and disney studios but some other time soon hopefully if any one is interested

i know is said if any one was interested il add more but im itchin hear goes

big thunder mountain - would modify it so that it is more of a white knuckle
phantom mannor - keep outside structure the same but redo the inside completely a new story since its a differnt name and go for some thing original and make the ride a bit more intence also the surrounding area would be done more to represent new orleans with land the the right slowly going to darker to more normal/lighter with a bridge going over water
princess and the frog - this connects to after the bridge from phantom mannor not sure about this ride some thing new and original in movement for familys
river cruise - (ive actualy never been on them so if im rehshin stuff im sorry) make them have a bigger capacity for passangers with the bottom level a play area for kids and a bar at the top make the river area it self bigger with some animatronics around the islands like the tiger they were originaly going to have also the boats would go under where the bridge that links princess and the frog with phantom mannor.
tarzan rollercoaster - whiteknuckle based on the vines that he moves on placed in the forest area in the far left area of the land ride would move around the trees and have spirals and bring back tarzan the encounter i loved that make it a bit better.
pocahontis flume - instead of having splash mountain, based on the just around the river bend scene would have 3 medium drops and one large drop like splash mountain, have surounded by tall trees from america if not then some thing close, the climbs would be relaxing with instrumental of just around the river bend then play faster part of song at drops in the surrounding area move the pocahontis village there and have native american animal displays like birds and authenticly created cherokie enviroment with fires at night and exhibitions.
the new frontier - add mission : space i think that a lot of people would disagree with that but i see it as the next frontier and another ride entitled the new frontier that would trace the steps of how society grows to the new frontier this would be a dark ride with animatronics of past events like the french and american revolutions to possable potentials of the future
cowboys of the wild west - this would be an equivilant of POTC but cowboy based the ride would not be a modified replica it would be part indoor part out door with live actors and walking and also add a cowboy show shoot out as a seperate show.

thats frontierland done hope you enjoy it will probably doo adventureland next sorry it all takes so long i was trying not to do it this time


okay thats interessting, don´t know where to start,
but i don´t understand why you would make our beautifull,
and best fantasyland of all disney parks to such a bad place.

the only rides who would really fit with the themening is
the little mermaid. no pixar attractions in fantasyland,
they belong into the studios. narnia is not really part of
disney anymore.
and all other rides shuld stay as they are, they are classics.

the same is for frontierland, it has its uique story and
all rides we have there ramains to the story, they don´t
need a change.
the tarzan encounter is not in the right place if you would
put it back to frontierland, it belongs in adventureland.

you know our disneyland park is the most beautyfull magic kingdom
style parks ever created, okay the park need something new,
but it have to fit with the actual theme.
maybe you should think again of your changes and place it right,
cuz some of them are cool....