1st complaint to Disney

Started by giselle, April 08, 2009, 06:04:26 PM

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Agent Lex

There's still a glass cabinet of snowglobes and a few Disney Traditions at the Oxford Street store, for certain. Though there isn't much adult clothing there, pretty much restricted to the London range and one or two other lines, maybe.


the snowglobes have all but vanished oop north here, in fact i only saw 2 even in edinburgh when i visited a couple of weeks ago  :(

Walts heir

What a shame
I also complained to Disney for the first time a month ago
I was staying at dlrp in the Disneyland hotel and the person cleaning our room knocked my laptop over and it broke
after hearing about this my sister who was there with metold me not to complain thatthey had no proof and that will never make it up too you at first I was afrai she was eight considering the fact that she had just graduated from hotel managment school and that she had done an internship at dlrp a year ago
During the night I just thought ther is no way Disney will let such a thing happenand not take action so I decided to complain
as soon as the cm heard our problem he said that they would pay for the fixing before even seeing the laptop Also they let us stay at the hotel until 5 the day of our departure instead of 12
Another example of how great Disney is I once left a louis vuitton wallet with two credits cards and over 1000£ cash in POTC
I lost it the day of my departure and I never noticed until five hours later I got a call while on the train sayin they had found it and are going to send it to me by mail
they told me a guest had found it an gave it to a cm who called the lost and found


Since I didnt know this thread was here lol I thought I might as well add my two-cents to this.

Ive always been a person who looks in the disney store and never really got anything only xmas presents here and there etc etc but with me now collecting pins and wanting other stuff then I have come to notice that the disney stores vary from place to place as I will explain -

This store has a large range of plushes mainly, the usual stuff for reject disney franchises like hannah montana etc etc and say a handful of the new nightwear but that is pretty much it...
NO adult clothing
HARDLY any of the selection of cups and that area
NO baby section (thank god)

Much bigger store than Oldham but seems to have less plushes, and a HELL of alot more kids toys and baby clothes which is a shame, and they do sell adult clothes but a few tshirts and ALL GIRLS!! which is just unfair for us lads.

I find it funny that the stores vary from place to place and that some character stuff is less merchandised than others as a stitch fan, I would like more stuff of him but there is NOTHING in the disney store bar the plushes and 2 cups (which I have) but with the likes of G-Force, baby wear etc etc they are in excess of the stuff no one is going to buy lol

I would complain to guest relations or sumthing to see if we could get what we want in the store rather than what they think we would like as I think people complained when the coming soon pin section disappeared so the same could work for stock haha.

Ok Im gonna stop ranting now lol