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Started by giselle, April 08, 2009, 06:04:26 PM

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Our family are Disney mad, visiting Paris several times a year and a home covered in Disney stuff.

I was visiting my local Disney Store (Stoke on Trent) several weeks ago, with my youngest son, who always buys me a mothers day pressie from there. It is usually an small ornament/character, slippers or nighties.  This has happened for Christmas, Mothers Day, my Birthday and any other day!!! :D

There were no collectables, and no adult clothing WHATSOEVER.

Disgruntled we looked around and came out.

Visited the store today, and a very nice cast member asked me if I was ok and could she help (the shop had only just opened), I asked 'where had all the adult clothing/collectables gone', she told me that the Disney store had new American owners, who have deemed it that no adult clothing be sold/ or collectables, instead they have replaced the range with a 'baby dept'.  I had a 15 minute discussion about this, and she admitted that the staff were not happy, because they always sold a lot of this merchandise, but told me it might have more effect if I write to Guest Relations.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if so urge them to do the same.



That's shocking, I wonder if the new owners are behind the recent store revamps too? I noticed all the adult stuff had gone in the stores themselves, there's still some online though. Such a shame, I loved all the T-shirts etc. :(



Aww thats terrible!! I love shopping for PJ's in thr Disney Store!!
I've just checked Disney Store UK online and it looks like its under Maintenance, so I hope the new owners are not doing the same thing as they are doing to the high street stores to the online shop!!  :x  :x  :x  :x
Its my one and only Disney fix when I'm unable to go :(

This is a real shame  :(  :(
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I've certainly noticed a decline in the amount of adult stuff, but it's not gone entirely from the Disney Store in Manchester. There's still quite a few different women's t-shirts.

:( They haven't sold big snowglobes in the store for ages though.


Welcome to the modern world of Disney - it's all about the kids you know (annoying, isn't it?)
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Captain Pan

Just thinking about it... and Giselle your right... I took a little visit with Wednybird1 to Cardiff's wonderfully designed store... and found nothing that pleased my eyes in the respect to the adult demographic... with the exception of a very small Earth Day Range (Several T-shirts which I need to purchase a couple of)...

No PJs and in particular no Disneystore speciality (in my opinion) The dressing gown!

I'm still and always unhappy with the amount of merchandise men's wear gets... NONE!

But to take out the female range too... what on earth am I to buy Wendybird1 for Presents? Scotch Mist? Pin Badges?

Now not a happy bunny!


Aww noo =[
I was really wanting to go to the Disney Store this summer as I haven't been in over a year and I'll be so disappointed if theres nothing good there for me  :(
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Hey Guys!

1st off Disney Store do not have new american owners thats crazy! all that happened is Disney Store in america came back to the WDW complany instead of being licienced. The new designs of stores is a new modern disney and its actually made to appeal more to adults as they is much more media and special features included in them. This way the stores can always remain updated with new media & colours at any time at just the flick of a button!

I explained before that the adult ranges are being reworked and relaunched later. Christmas will still see a massive Adult range and the rest of the year will see funky character tees and bags that people on the high street want right now.

Finally colectables are gonna be available online only and this is actually because they are increasing the range for our guests. Because there is not room in store to have all these pieces and many are high value, and also the buy on them isnt very high it makes sense to have these all in one place where the collectors can access them.

I can assure you nothing is changing because of america, if anything its the other way around :-D

Look out for the earth day promotions! they are really getting behind the enviromenal message this time! There are some great bits in store so you can show your support.


I noticed this when i went to the Bluewater store, there wasnt much adult stuff.  Not that I mind i usually spend all my money on my daughter anyway.

Look forward to seeing what they put online though.
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Captain Pan

If the men's range is expanded I will be extremely happy... It would be nice to grab some proper shirts with the Disney Logo on outside of DLRP (The Only other place I've seen them)

But it was disappointing to See "no" adult wear in the Store last week... with the exception of the Earth Day range.

The Butlin Boy

Again, I was in the Southampton store on Wednesday, but all of the adult stuff wasn't. This is a strange move, and it's a shame too.

That said, it was nice to see that the store hadn't changed and still had it's original look. They also even ask if you want 'pixie dust' (red Mickey head confetti) if you buy a product and get it put into one of the Disney store boxes :P


I was in the Belfast store recently (the only store in the whole of Ireland, north and south) and nearly half the store is taken up with the baby range! I was not impressed at all. Sure some baby stuff is great, I do have a baby nephew and it's nice to be able to buy him stuff but I don't want most the shop taken up with baby romper suits! :?  Then I noticed all the snowglobes and ornaments were missing :shock:  and I really felt it wasn't that good. In fact the last day I went in, I left with nothing!! :shock:  :shock:  :shock:  And that is in no way like me!! :(

I do hope this is just a phase!
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When I went the other day, it was mostly Tinker Bell, High School Musical, Hannah Montana, and Camp Rock :roll:


i think i read somewhere (either that or i was told) that the snowglobes are going to be sold over the website only  :(, which isn't great really as you can't get a good impression of them from a tiny picture.

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Quote from: "kurgly_bird"i think i read somewhere (either that or i was told) that the snowglobes are going to be sold over the website only  :(, which isn't great really as you can't get a good impression of them from a tiny picture.

That's a good point, because come to think of it there were no snow globes of anything like that at all when I was there the other day :( Poor show Disney Store.