Walt Disney Studios Makeover

Started by TowMater, April 03, 2009, 07:25:57 PM

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thanks butlin boy for your compliment,

now i will show you the little piece i worked on with photoshop
it is not perfest, but i think it will do its work  :)


So we start on hollywood blvd. the gone hollywood facade will be extendet
till to the way where you can walk into toon studios/ pixar land.
then you will see on the right side a new big shop, with a nice
hollywood theme. the shop will sell just pixar related merchandise and some
snaks or sweets.

now we will walk around the big lake where you can see the world of color show.

the big brown patch of land will be a replica of the hollywood hills. when we walk right around the lake you will see at the mountain a little grey pathway, this will lead you into toon studios/ pixar land. the tunnel will look like the entrance to the actual tram tour. a fiew meters ahead you will come to a little theatre place (sorry its not in the pic at the moment, i will work on it). one of the theatres will be the new entrance to the tram tour, also a part of the mountain will be the center of the earth set with some special effects for the tram tour.

now back to tower of terror, there you will see the big brown derby restaurant, opposide the restaurant you will see the viewing area for world of color.

sorry guy´s but the whole thing is not really complete. there are some stuff i will add as soon as i have more time. where the little diner is will be a sunset blvd. building, also on the side where we have moteurs action. the sunset blvd. will be expandet till we are at the new hyperion studios (right now disney channel studio). moteurs action, Rnrc, armageddon and the restaurant de stars/ disney´s blokbuster café will get a complete new layover to fit perfectly into a sunset blvd.

so thats it for now, when i have more i will show you and explain it to you.
till then have fun with my works i did so far....


all ideas sound amazing please let there be a soy sumwhere onm here lol and that colour of magic thing look soo cool :D

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The Butlin Boy

Your plans are amazing lil-shawn, I would love to see that World of Colour lake/area at the back of the Studios in the future, I really think that it is just what we need :)


Love the ideas lil-shawn! I've always thought a lake would be the best thing for the end of the boulevard. If you think about it, something like the Great Movie Ride would completely block any future expansion due to the huge showbuilding, so some sort of water body is the only option really.

What's interesting is that your plan is somewhat similar to my own little WDS masterplan I'm hiding!


Hey all, good topic, love the idea of incredables 4D as well mater. everyone feel free to give me some crits.
Would devide the areas into world of cinema and TV, backlot, toon studios, hall of music, toy story playland and pixar place.
Im gonna try and not overload this one with info so i will keep it short, these ideas mean the moving around of some of the current rides as well here goes .............

world of cinema
- indianna jones
- muppet show 3 OR 4 D
- improve cinemagique
- add great movie ride but add movies from around the world
- there was this italian horror film i saw a while ago that had a lot of atomos, i would add that or the ring
- bollywood ride and show/class
- power rangers ride

- improve motor stunt show
- improve armagedon a lot
- imorove backlot tour
- add a backstage show of this well good french TV programe i saw a year back
- add soarin the original california verson though

toon studios
- move flying carpets over agrabah there
- improve animagique
- stich live
- a french animated film came out around 2004 ish called triplets of belville add that as a ride

hall of music
 the origianl plan for space mountain was to have it as this big indoor attraction that you can spend a fair few hours in this idea would be addapted for this
- musicmagique hosted by mickey mouse
- RnB ride
- Fantasia ride
- ABBA show
- there was an april fools sayin that aerosmith was goin to be replaced by this guy who is the french equiv of elvis (i fell for it) well i would add some sort of attraction

toy story playland
- the RC ride would be replaced with a track system similar to stealth in thorpe park sill RC though
- keep the slinky tail chase
- keep the sarge troop drop
- toy story show
- a medium level intencity ride for family about worth about 80 m

pixar place

- move cars race rally there
- move crushes coaster there
- add the rumord ratatouille dark ride
- add WALL - E show
- pixarmagique

fin (i think)


Hey folks, after i was giving you my idea for the expansion of Hollywood blvd.
i will give you know the first new Land i had in mind for the Studios.
It is located behind Moteurs Action and RnRC!


Welcome to Sci-Fi City or Studios!!

In this Land all the Sci-Fi movies will come true, incedible attraction, shops and
restaurants, all in an Futuristic environment..
Here peoples of all ages will have fun and can dream of the Future!
Concept arts are from the Sci-Fi City they wanted to build at TDL, i choose them
because of the look of the environment, i was thinking this would be perfect!

Star Tours II...
Bhind RnRc will be the new Star Tours II, the outside will be perfectly Themed
that it fit the new Attraction and the environment of the Land.

Star Trader Shop...
This shop is on the Building of Star Tours II, it will only sell star tours relatet items!

The Galaxy Restaurant...
This Table Service Restaurant, is on the back of the land, it will put you into the Galaxy.
All cast members here are costumed like Space travelers, the food is galactic and look
like fom outer space!
From the inside the restaurant looks like a Spaceship with a huge Roof window,
where you can see planets and stars!

Sci-Fi Dine In...
The Sci-fi Dine in is a copy of the one at Hollywood Studios....

Tron Legacy MotoCoaster...
The Tron Legacy MotoCoaster will be part Darkride and part outside Coaster, it will be
a unique Attraction to WDS!
The queline will be a interactive one, where you can play little Games as long as you
have to wait for the Ride. The vehicles of the coaster are themed like the motorbikes of Tron.
At the Darkride Part you are in the Game. At the end of the Darkride you will get Shoot out of the building and the Game and you get into a wild Race.
Think of the Dueling Dragons at Universal Studios, just with another coaster!

The People Mover...
its like the one we have at the Magic Kingsom in Orlando, it will move you through the
whole land...

Galaxy Store...
It´s the biggest Store of the land, Themed to a Spaceport!!

Alien Encounter 2.0...
Disney World Take it out and WDS bring it in. But this time the seats and the whole Floor will move too, to get the best experience of this Attraction!

Stitch Live...
I put Stitch in this land because i think it fits perfect and because of my idea to demolish
studio 2 and the disney chanel bulding to make room for the remake of the  hyperion Studios.

thats it, befor i forget it, there will be room for extansion! also i will try to make a good,
photoshop work. so you guys can see where everything will be! hope you all like the idea of
it and turn back for more.

the next will be the change of front lot and production courtyard.

The Butlin Boy

I love your ideas there lil-shawn, I think that an area like that would fit in perfectly in the Studios, and especially where you've put it too. :)

I'm really impressed with your idea to put the people mover in there, I'd have never even thought of that, yet it'd fit in so, so well.  =D>

Most of all, I'd be one of the happiest people around if I could go on that Tron ride, it'd be epic! It's such a sound idea, and even if you want to think about it more realistically (e.g. DLP cost cutting :roll: ), you wouldn't even necessarily need to make it a dueling coaster, just have each side a differeant colour to the other. Although it'd be better as a dueling coaster as it'd make it stand out from Space Mountain and RnRC, and make it more re-rideable. Perhaps, they could have a tamer and a more extreme one, so that we have another nig coaster, and one for the family (BTM + RnRC + Tron!) 8)

Well done, and thanks for sharing it :mrgreen:


Thanks Butlin Boy for you compliment, am happy someone like the idea.
I think too, that the land would fit perfectly into the Studios, as i said in my previous posts,
they should make it a park, who presents the Movies with Attractions not making the Park like a working Studio, cause this wont work...

with my next Presentations i have for you guy´s i will turn the Studios into a real Dinsey Park, with Story, Theme, Landscaping and great Attractions..
After Sci-fi City/Studios are build it is time to change the Backlot Area.


Welcome to Sunset Blvd...

Sunset Blvd. the street where the red car trolly will turn back to the entrance, where you feel turn back into the 40s and 50s.

Yeah you read right, cinemagique will still have its place in the studios, just on another place.
armageddon will get demolished and cinemagique will take its place, the outside of the building will have a theatre entrance and little other buildings around it.
number 1 on the color map!!

Playhouse Disney Live on Stage...
Yes also here you read right playhouse disney will take its new place on Sunset Blvd.
it will be on the place where the blockbuster cafe is right now. number 2 on the color map!

Starring Rolls Café...
It will be newly themed  cafe cafe from nestle, also it will sell sandwiches and salads!

Sunset Club Couture...
This little Clothing Shop will be where Restaurant de stars is right now!

Rock´n´Rollercoaster will get a new theming also Moteurs Action will get a new Fasade to fit perfectly the environment of Sunset Blvd... The street will have a lot of greenery, also it will be the turning point of the Red Car Trolley!!

After this change we can walk now downwards and work on Production Courtyard and Studio1/Frontlot! this will be a big change but very needet! Also i will show you a little change in Toon Studios/ Pixar Studios!


Welcome to Buena Vista Street...
Studio 1 get demolished and the buildings of front lot will get a ne facade!
it will be a copy of the one they will build in DCA! here we have a big shop a little store,
restaurants, ice cram station and the Red Car Trolly Attraction!

The Walt Disney Story...
This is another attraction on buena vista street, it is inside the crathey circle theatre.
it will be the first walk through attraction in the studios, and will be a story about walt disney, the movies and the parks....

all of them is on the number 1 spot in the color map!

Central Hub...
here the red car trolley will goes around and take its way to sunset Blvd.
it will be a big circle, with a big fountain and a lot of green...
from this place you also can go to hollywood blvd. and toon studios/pixar studios...

number 2 on the color map!

Finding Nome The Musical...
Number 3 on the color map will be the nemo musical from DAK. the facade will get a new theme to fit the nemo land, number 4 on the color map. this whole place will get retemed to nemo. with a big 3D backtrop behind the new flying carpets who is now rethemed to nemo...
also the place will get a lot of green and water too!!

Welcome to Hyperion Studios...
Studio 2 and the disney chanel building will get demolished to make room for an exact copy of the original Hyperion Studios.

Art of Disney Animation...
Yes right The Art of Disney Anymation will take place here, number 5 on the color map.
the show it self get a little change but the most it will be the same as it is now...

The Magic of Animation the Ride...
Here we go again, an ultimative and unique attraction just for WDS. It will take its place on number 6 ofthe color map.
the ride system is an omnimover like the one at spaceship earth at epcot. The Story of the ride is the magic of animation, we beginn wit Steamboat willy and the ride ends with the princess and the frog. on this jurney you will see animatronics and little scenes of the most famous and best disney animation movies.

Garden of Dreams...
number 4 of the color map, this will be a little garden in front of the Hyperion Studios, where you can relax, walk through and come to the entrances of the attractions and the little store.

Walts Gifts...
This little store is in a nice little house, see the second pic of the Hyperion Studios.
it will sell unique stuff from mickey and his friends and all in black white!
Steamboat Willy mickey plush, plane crazy figurine ect....

So this was now a long post but i hope everyone will like it and understand it.
i will post the next vey soon, it will be the new pixar studios and anothe new Land or maybe two!


hey folks, now i will continue with my WDS makeover and expansion,
now i will show you another new land and a makeover of toon studios..
i hope you guys will like it... also here we have unique attractions and
a lot of themening..


Welcome to Pixar Place/ Studios...

In this land Pixar will present his movies with attractions, shops, restaurants and
lots of themening. because of toy story playland i thought that it would be better to have more different lands to the movies...

Finding Nemo Land...

This land will present you Nemo and Friends with 2 attractions and 1 show!
The landscape will get a little water area and lots of greenery.

Where Animagique is right now, will be the new Finding Nemo Musical from DAK..
The building will get a complete new facade with lots of theming tha fits.

The flying carpets will get rethemed into Nigel the flying pelican, the backdrop will get bigger, from the finding nemo musical building to crush coaster building. it will be a 3D backdrop with the habor bridge and the sidney theatre...

crush coaster will be the same as it is now...

number 1 on the color map.


the art of disney animation building will get demolished, because the show is now placed at hyperion studios. to make room for the mini carsland.
Cars race rally get doubled and will get a new queline and bulding, it will be like the new dumbo they will build at MK fantasyland.

At the Hollywood blvd building will be a new and bigger 3D backdrop, and there will be a cars related shop and a little ice cream station, all themed to cars and its sorrounding...

number 2 on the color map...

Toy Story Playland...

Toystory playland will get the Pizza Planet restaurant and buzz lightyear attraction from Discoveryland.

number 3 on the color map...


This is the monster inc part of the pixar studios, it will have 2 attractions and a little shop.

the first attraction is a monster inc dark ride, Mikes Crazy Jurney the ride system will be like the one from Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin, and the story of the ride is to take a jurney with mike through monstropolis...

than you will have a little shop with monster inc related merchandise and a meet and greet area.

the second attraction is the monster inc scream coaster they will build one day at DHS...

number 4 on the color map...

Ratatoille land...

in this land we will go into the world of remy, a big restaurant and the rumoured ratatoille attraction will take its place here.

number 5 on the color map...

the number 6 will be an expansion land for upcoming pixar attractions....

now i will present you the next new land, with a lot of theming, thrill and fun for everyone...


Welcome to Action Studios...

This land will be Huge, and it will be extreme detailed. here all the action and adventure movies will come to live, like Prince of persia, national treasures, the lone ranger, Sorcerer´s apprentice and so on.
lets begin with the first part of the land, i don´t have names to the attractions right now, thats why i will take the name of the movie...

Prince of persia Coaster...

Another new coaster for the studios, it will be something like the Indiana Jones coaster we have in adventureland but it will be with lots more effects, a lot of themening and it will fiit into the prince of persia land.

Prince of persia Dark Ride...

This darkride will be like Pirates of the Caribbean just themed to prince of persia,
it will have 3 drops and a beautyful surrounding.

Prince of persia shop...

themed to the land and the movie, with lots of merchandise from the movie...

Prince of persia restaurant...

this restaurant will be like blue lagoon, but this time it will have also an outside part for the summer days. the food will be oriental...

the whole prince of persia land has a lot of theming and will be very detailed. think of the Pirates of the caribbean land they planed for HKDL it will be like this just not with pirates...

thats it for now, for the other movies i don´t know what for rides i should create, but maybe you guys will have great ideas, the land i very big... hope you liked my ideas so far...

The Butlin Boy

Quote from: "lil-shawn"... hope you liked my ideas so far...

Have I ever! First off, I love the ideas for Sunset Blvd, Buena Vista Street and the Hyperion Studios. I think that they're perfect; as if they were taken straight out of a true Disney park. And I never thought that I'd like anything that you've suggested for the Pixar Studios, but I do. I think that the Finding Nemo area (especially the backdrop of Australia idea) is actually very good =D>

Thanks so far lil-shawn, and I hope we can see more of your stuff soon :)


@ lil-shawn; what about an UP attraction in the Pixar-area? It will be a world première and something like Crush's Coaster (an indoor coaster which is good for the whole family, but still sort of a thrill ride). There will be an exact replica of the house from the movie, with a big rock-structure behind it to hide the building. First you'll walk through the house itself (to get to know Carl, and his wife, a little better) and through the back-door you'll enter the world where Carl and Russell end with the house. In this section waterfalls will flow and you hear weird sounds of the jungle (from the 'Snipe'?), all beautifull themed (really Disney-ish  :D)!

I'll make same concepts or something to show you guys!  :wink:
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Quote@ lil-shawn; what about an UP attraction in the Pixar-area? It will be a world première and something like Crush's Coaster (an indoor coaster which is good for the whole family, but still sort of a thrill ride). There will be an exact replica of the house from the movie, with a big rock-structure behind it to hide the building. First you'll walk through the house itself (to get to know Carl, and his wife, a little better) and through the back-door you'll enter the world where Carl and Russell end with the house. In this section waterfalls will flow and you hear weird sounds of the jungle (from the 'Snipe'?), all beautifull themed (really Disney-ish  )!

I'll make same concepts or something to show you guys!  

An Up attractions would be cool, but another coaster i don´t know, i was thinking more of a dark ride like peter pan or something like this!

I was working the whole day on this Action Studios Project, and right now i like it very much an think this will
give you a nice fiew of how i was thinking it could look like...

here ya go!! //http://www.LupiUpload.de/file.php/file/pIr6sG4m79

1: Prince of Persia Stuntshow Spectacular...
    Here you will see stunts from some key scenes of the movie! it will be a 25min show, with a big bang finale!

2: Sands of Time Restaurant...
    An restaurant themed to the prince of persia movie, also the meal has an Arabic touch! The restaurant is
    inside the attraction building, lets say like Blue Lagoon!

3: Prince of Persia Adventures...
    This will be one of the big E-ticket Attractions of the Action Studios. It´s a boat ride, with 3 drops, 2 forward and
    1 is backward. This attraction will tell the story of Prince of Persia Movie, but not just the first, it will tell the    
    Story of a Trilogy!

4: Prince of Persia Coaster...
    don´t know how to theme it, i never played this game  :oops: . But this coaster will be outside and it will have the
    douple size of Indian Jones!

5: Prince of Persia Kids Playground...
    This area is just for the small ones. It will have a playground like the one we have in Adventureland and it will
    have an movie based themed Carusell for the kids!

6: The Sorcerer's Apprentice Magic Show...
    It will be the firs show ever in disney history with an illusionist. This show will also have a lot of Special effects.

7: The Godfather´s Gift Shop...
    I know this is not a disney movie, but i don´t know how to name it so i came up with this idea  :) . This shop is
    the biggest one in the New York Streets.

8: National Treasure Coaster...
    This coaster will be like the revenge of the mummy from universal studios. The coaster itself will be very fast and
    goes Forward and backwards, with twists and turns.  the story is not from the movie, it will be a story conected  
    to Lord Henry Mystic (Mystic Manor Attraction HKDL) and Harrison Hightower III (tower of Terror TDS). The new
    VIP will be also in the S.E.A. Club //http://blueskydisney.blogspot.com/2009/09/hidden-sea.html.


9: New York Streets Restaurant...
    A Themed Resaturant, it will match to its surounding. All themed to a ney york where a lot of Gangsters are here!

10:Trick Tracys Crime Stopper...
     This will be the  3rd E-ticket in Action Studios/new york Streets. The ride System will be special, first it will be
     an EMV + Laser guns. Here you are on the jurney with cops to stop the crime at the new york Streets!

11:Studio Tram Tour...
     Yeah The Tram Tour will be still here but 1000times batter than now. first we go under the bridge to catastrophe  
     Cannyon. on this way we will have some props related to any disney movie. After we passed the cannyon, we go
     to another set themed to Prince of Persia. The vehicle will be on a special track, this track will move to the side
     downwards. After this set, we will past another props and will stop at the new york gangster set. Here you will
     see a Car chase and a gunfight between cops and gangsters. The tram goes ahead through the first tunnel, here
     you will have an inside fiew of the attraction, and then we will pass another tunnel where you also can see inside
     the attraction. The Jurney is over and we are back on the Station.

12:New York Streets amphitheater...
     Here we will see different shows throughout the year, Halloween, Cristmas ect...

So thats it for now, hoping that everyone understand it and like it as much as i do.


Great ideas!
I love the finding nemo land idea maybe crushes coaster could be part of it and a gift shop just for finding nemo.
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

:pluto:  :mickey1: