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Started by Anthony, March 10, 2006, 07:23:35 PM

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Thank you for the advice.

It was no problem to book a table!


*bump* ;)

My question was:

I wonder if my boyfriend and I could go to Walt's next year and only get served such a Cinderella slipper? Or can you only have a complete dinner/lunch with main course at Walt's?

Maybe now that we've got more people in the forum, someone knows the answer? And I guess the Slipper is availabe, that's what says:

Walt's [...]: Desserts - fixed price
 E 7,00
Strawberry shortbread, Saint-Honoré cream and stewed rhubarb.
Cinderella's Slipper with a griottine cherry sauce.
Home-style Ile Flotante - A peach and orange "soup" with whisked egg.

(by the way... what is "griottine"? ;) )
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Hi everyone - we returned from our first trip to Disneyland Paris a week ago and i have to say how impressed we were with the resturants we visited.

Annettes on our first night - a lot of fun and good value

Cafe Mickeys - amazing, the best time we could have had, we'll definitley go back there, my daughter loved it we were in there for ages, food was great, characters were a lot of fun and it was good value.

Cinderellas resturant - we couldn't believe that a meal in such a beautiful place would be so inexpensive and Oh wow... those chocolate "glass" slippers. Pure magic.


Sorry meant to say - we got a Cinderellas slipper at Cinderellas resturant not Walts, which worked out to about 25 Euros per person. It was amazing food and a lovely place to eat. Don't know whether Walts would do the desert on its own, but if not Cinderellas is such good value.  :mickey2:


Hey Alicat,

hehe, seems as if I haven't seen you last post  :oops:

So you ate at Auberge de Cendrillon? I wonder whether we should go there in September coz we'll stay four days and so I thought of having just one dinner at a higher class restaurant (we never were at any of them coz of the money *g*)...

On I found out that they also have a vegetarian dish (I guess it was pasta with vegetables or so)... Is it worth the money? I mean, how big or small are the dishes? Yeah, and on this site it's said that the Cinderella Slipper with chocolate mousse (or ist it ALL the desserts??) is 3 Euros extra. Was it 25 Euros or 22 Euros for main dish and dessert when you were there?

I also found out with this site that there's a Cinderella Slipper with fruit sauce at Walt's, but it costs 7 Euros.
[size=85]1992 - Disneyland Paris - 1-day-trip
2000 - Disneyland Paris - Santa Fe
2004 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Cheyenne
2005 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Santa Fe
2007 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Newport BayClub
2008 - Disneyland Resort Paris - Sequoia Lodge
2009 - Walt Disney World


Here are some of our reviews from our last trips:

Annette's Diner: Great restaurant with a nice atmosphere. In the evening the waiter do sometimes some dancing. The food is excellent, a big choice of different food and the desserts are delicious.

Blue Lagoon: A favourite. Very romantic atmosphere and very friendly waiters. And the food was fantastic.

Au Chalet de la Marionette: Nice themed restaurant with a good choice of tasty Fast Food. And the Apfelstrudel is superb. The only wired thing in this restaurant is the music.

Bella Notte: Nice food and very nice theming.

Funete del Oro: Great mexican food. Just the cold Burritos aren't that tasty.

Toad Hall: Very good Fish'n'Chips and not so expensive.

Cafe Hyperion: We ate here several times and our Burgers have always been cold. The only good thing is, that you can warch the show wjile you're eating.

Rainforest Cafe: A great restaurant. A favourite. Fantastic atmosphere and service. And the food is awesome.

La Cantina: I like the colourful style and the grwat choice of mexican food. The stuff is always very friendly.

Colonel Hathi's: Nice atmosphere, but the food isn't that nice. It has always been cold.

Hunter's Grill: Very nice atmosphere and a big choice of tasty food.

Sport's Bar: Great sandwiches with fries !

Cowboy Cookout Barbecue: Very nice atmosphere, especially in winter when you sit near the fire place. And the chicken with Barbecuesaude is very delicious.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


Hey, I have some things to tell you about restaurants at DLP!

Cafe Mickey is my favourite restaurant there. The food is yummy, the pizza's especially are amazing (partly because they're so huge) as are the desserts and having the characters messing about is a major plus. The service there has always been fantastic and it's not *too* expensive.

Auberge de Cendrillon in Fantasyland is very nice, however I only had dessert in there - the Cinderella's slipper - but I did prefer it at Walt's (Even though it is probably exactly the same) The glass carriage in the courtyard is beautiful.

Plaza Gardens Restaurant is one of my other favourites there, we were sat in an area where there were some characters which made it a million times better and the buffet, I think it was 20Euros was yummy. It seemed worth the money aswell as they had bread, salads, pasta, hot food, meals, pizza's and tons of desserts. If you're good at eating, it's well worth the money because of the variety.

Planet Hollywood - Really cool, ate in there once and was happy with the food and service but because I could jump on a train and go to the one in London back home I wasn't amazed.

Rainforest Cafe - Lots of fun, cocktails without alcohol are awesome but like Planet Hollywood, you can go to it at home - it's not a 'Disney' experience.

Annette's Diner - I know it's supposed to be authentic and diner-esque (which it does seem) but it feels a little cheap. The milkshake/ice creams are excellent though (as are all their deserts). I have to say, and I don't know if this is just an English thing, that everytime I have eaten a burger in Europe (twice at Annette's) it's made me feel really ill. I don't think the meat is undercooked or anything like that, it's just very different to burgers here in the UK. Any thoughts? It's fun in the evenings with the staff dancing though and good if you want to save a bit of money.

Hunter's Grill and Beaver Creek Tavern in Sequoia Lodge are excellent restaurants. I have been in both and the food is really good, there's a LOT of it and there's a good deal if you buy a main meal and have the starter and dessert buffet with it. The only thing I didn't like was the seafood as I can't bear the sight or smell of it and the couple on the next table to us, sat very close aswell, had plates full of shells and were scooping the insides out. Each to their own though!!!

Redwood Lounge and Bar at Sequoia Lodge is excellent, the cocktails in there are superb and seem expensive but if you think about the exchange rate of GBP to Euro's, they're really not at all. Last time I went in there though it was very smoky?

Walt's I love. We were given a table at the window in the room at the top of the stairs and we were over looking Main Street (and the parade) which was wonderful. The food is very American but classic; you can get a 'proper' meal in there or a burger if you're fussy. The desserts are really good, I remember having a cookie in the shape of Mickey's head with rhubarb something or other that was yummy. The service in there is always outstanding and the music is catchy (I bought a CD of the resort's music during a previous stay after finding myself humming along)

Pizzeria Bella Note is fine for what it is. The pizza's reminded me of school pizza but after a day of running about in the parks and needing something filling and quick to eat it was fine.

I've bought snacks/drinks/crepes from a lot of the vendors in the parks and they've all been great.

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlour does excellent Belgian Waffles and I have to say they were as good as the ones I had in Belgium last weekend!

I wanted to eat in Lucky Nugget Saloon everytime I've visited but we always had a budget of 40 euros each on food per day, and usually we squander it away on waffles, Cafe Mickey, Hot chocolate souvenir mugs during the parades etc - so in my next trip, I will put some more money aside and go there on the first day!! I always find myself weighing up eating (even more food after the massive breakfast you have in the hotels) with buying more things...and presents usually always win!

Hope that helps!


Spend some money in the lucky nugget - it's brilliant :D


We have reservations at Walt's. I am excited to see it but the complete meals with starters and entree is more than we usually eat. Is it ok to just order a main dish and a beverage- or is that frowned upon in France?

Thank you!


:pluto: Of course it's ok, you can pick single starters, mains, desserts as you wish, you dont have to order any of the set menu's. This is a photo of the menu at Walt's that my husband took in October >>>>>

hope this helps



Thank you- I feel better now. I certainly do not want to insult anyone, as unfortunately, there are already too many "Ugly Americans" traveling.   :wink:


As my Hubby is a big "meat eater", we want to go to a steakhouse at DLRP in june.
Which one is better: The Steakhouse in the village or Silver Spur Steakhouse at the Disneyland Park?


I personally would go for the Steakhouse, the Silver Spur is ok but just lately it seems that you have to catch it at the right time - our last 2 visits to Silver Spur have been disappointing.


When we at a the steakhouse in the park no one ate their meal. My mum sent her meal back about 5 times (they must have hated us) My brother and Dad like their meals well done! and I don't like steak so.... Also the brithday cake they gave us wasn't the nicest but I am pretty fussy about cake.

We eat alot at the marionette (sp?) good for lunch and rarely that busy when we go!

I have been to disney 6 times and have no recolection of eating anywhere else  :?


OK, thanks, so I think we will try out The Steakhouse in the village.
Has anybody eaten there already?

The reviews on DLP foodguide are not too bad... :donald: