High School Musical 4 details announced

Started by peep, April 10, 2008, 10:49:52 AM

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So it sounds like they're doing a "Skins" and dumping the main cast in favour of the younger class. Well, good luck to them. That's a very easy thing to screw up.

Hopefully they'll find some actors this time, whilst they're busy ripping off West Side Story.

Are we placing bets for a HSM5 on TV and then a HSM6 "only in cinemas"? :P


Oh  no. camp rock was nothing special. so camp rock 2 i'm not looking forward to it. however as a 13 (going on 14) year old boy you'd expect me to hate HSM. but hey secretly i like it. hey they can make a 4th film but without Zac efron, Ashley tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens and Corbin, it will flop and won't go any where. the cast are essential to the whole thing. Disney can not just make 3 films with a great cast. bring out a fourth with new cast and expect similar results!!!!!!
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I get a weekly emails about the Auditions for Current Disney Channel Movies/TV Programmes...

This Weeks Email Included this little note:
QuoteHigh School Musical 4 pre-production has officially begun and the project will return to the Disney Channel in 2010 instead of playing in movie theaters, as was the case with High School Musical 3,...

Disney Channel 2010... Means No HSM for Summer or Christmas... Bit of a let down really.

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Quote from: "Magicalmouse125"Disney can not just make 3 films with a great cast. bring out a fourth with new cast and expect similar results!!!!!!

Yip, and if you want proof I refer you to

Exhibit A: Grease 2. Same film as the first one, except everyone has Motorcycles instead of Cars. Songs not as good. One supporting cast-member returns for continuity. Poor shadow of a film.

Exhibit B: Teen Wolf Too. Same film as the first, except its about boxing instead of Basketball. One supporting cast member returns. Really poor shadow of a film.

I wouldn't go as far as to say the acting is of Shakespearian standard in HSM 1,2, or 3. But it was palatable. With a half-decent plot, a few new ideas and a good pre-film beating for Rocketman it might turn out all right. But ultimately, it will all come down to how good the songs are.