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Started by nemo1981, December 11, 2008, 03:40:36 PM

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Quote from: "Anthony"I had no idea the window changed!

They changed it after the park opened, right? And then back to the original almost straight away?

Why did they ever think it needed changing?

Perhaps they thought the other design was too generic, and they wanted it to contain a reference to Sleeping Beauty, much like the clock on Cinderella Castle is a connection to its source material? I have no idea.


thats strange- i have a photo of the castle before the re-paint, but it has the same window that they have in now- when did they get rid of the old one?


I found another photo of the original stained window!  I was going through some old press photos and the ones from the opening day definitely show the current window.

Edit: there' s a good daylight photo of the original window in the purple "Euro Disney Souvenir Book" on page 59.


Was/is that window not the one that is able to change from a rose to doves back and forth? And I'm a bit confused ;) which one is in place right now? The one with the rose or the one with the 'star'?
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If anyone has the book 'From sketch to reality': Last week while just paging through it, I came across a picture of that stained window with the rose/doves (I knew I had seen it somewhere ;) ) But unfortunately did not pay that much attention to it at that time.

So now I'm not sure if this window is/was on the frontside of the castle or in the back.
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The doves/roses window is inside the castle, go over the drawbridge into the area between the Christmas shop and glass blower, turn round to face Main Street and then look up. Watch the window for a while and you can see the picture change from Roses to doves.
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Just had a look at the modern and old photos of the castle in the Sketch to Reality Book and I can see a difference, they old pink was more subtle, however I do prefer the golden touch on the roofs.

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:offtopic: My sister has had my copy of that book for about two years, thanks for reminding me guys for now I will have to pinch it back!

Back on topic, I can see what you mean, although I've only started going since 2002. I have often looked at the roof and thought that the dark blue fading up to gold wasn't a particularly good colour choice, the blue is too dark, just a shade lighter and I think it could work quite well!
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I knew the window chages on the inside of the castle... when you walk round all the Sleeping Beauty stuff in the castle as you walk into Fantasyland, but i didn't realise it changed in the outside...

are there any photos of the old caslte?? I only went in 2005 and 2006, haven't been back since... would be nice to see how it changed over the years....
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