What do you think about the quality?

Started by lil-shawn, December 28, 2008, 12:31:16 PM

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Pete's Dragon

What always gets me is that the plants and gardens are always kept pristine compard to the maintainance of the rides ( Alice, please tidy yourself up). But more than anything its the price of the food compared to the quality of what you get.


Quote from: "dagobert"I like the plastic cards better, too. I have some from my first trip in 2000. When did they change the tickets? Was it when they opened the second park? I don't understand it, because at WDW they have these plastic tickets, too. There, it is also your roomkey and I think you can also use it for paying.

WDW uses paper tickets as well. (They actually use the very same system as DLRP does.)

Paper tickets are, lets face it, cheaper. And, of course, more environmental friendly than plastic ones. Also, you can store more of them in the ticket machines than plastic ones, reducing the time to refill them.


Is WDW using the paper tickets for single day tickets?? We got personalized plastic tickets in January, but we stayed in a Disney Resort for 10 nights.

I don't mind getting paper tickets, but the plastic cards were nicer.


WDW still have personalized plastic tickets, only the resort hotel visitors get it, for one day visitors they use the paper card...
i think the plastic cards are better because its a nice souvenier  :lol:
also i know that dlrp produce a lot of plastic cards for the hotle keys, cause a lot of peeps take it with home...

someone was saying something about the merchandise, and i have to argee that the quality of the stuff is getting really bad, i bought a shirt in 2007 with some prints on it now after 1 year the shirt is just white with nothing on it...
my shirt i bought in wdw in 2006 still looks new and i wear it at home very often....


I like the merchandise of DLRP since I have seen the merchandise of WDW. The quality and variety of DLRP's products is so much better than WDW's.

The 15th birthday merchandise was very good in my opinion.

There is something else which could be improved at DLRP. My girlfriend is a vegetarian and there are not so many vegetarian options. DLRP can learn a ot of WDW. I have read somewhere that it was better some years ago. Nevertheless the vegetarian food we got was always very good, especially Annettes's Diner Veggie Burger and the Omelette Burger.


hey folks,

so for all of u who canĀ“t remember back to 1992 and the quality of it
u can see the grand opening video and some words at Disney and More...



I would also  say that the toilets are the best I have seen them this year , certainly great compared to our first visit 2006.   (phew)

However I would say that they smiliest castmembers on rides where 2006, but maybe because that was the newness of it all.  

I would say now that they are all pleasant but a really nice one stands out a mile , the first year we went a girl on SSW stood out coz she wasnt smiling and jolly .

but its all down to the day and personal experience I guess.
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