It's Party Time... with Mickey and Friends (MMP)

Started by Kristof, November 24, 2008, 03:07:20 PM

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Do you think they might do something to the parade ??

i know that the parade is brand new but they might add something mabye ??


They'll have to at least take away something... The '15' plaque on Dreams of Imagination.

I'd be surprised if they changed it more than that. It doesn't need it.

And this is the wrong topic really. :wink:


DLRP Times has posted photos online from the construction fences around Central Plaza.



As long as this stage fits in with the area and doesn't detract attention from the castle, I'll probably like it. I was never too keen on the 15th stage, but this one seems like it could be better.

Not looking forward to decorations on Main Street USA... :-"


The pictures Kristof posted just show that somethings happening back there

Can't wait to see the finnished product and i'm also really looking forward to seeing
"It's party time.....with Mickey and friends"
Should be great
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Although the center stage has ad some wonderful shows,especially the candle lighting ceremony was perfect for this stage,we do have the Castle Stage going unused(except for meet and greets).
It is such a shame that its going to waste and I would love to see the Main Street/Hub/Castle getting back to the original concept.
I honestly think the way up to the Castle from the entrance should never be changed as this is the first thing a guest sees as he enters the Park and always remains in ones memory.


According to members on DCP is a seating area going on a patch of grass in front of Le Chateau, which seems to be confirmed by markings on a photo by Disneytheque. :evil:

Photo by Disneytheque

Disneyland Paris Treasures

They certainly didn't waste any time, the construction fences were set up the night from the 6th to the 7th (right after Christmas season officially ended).

To whom it may interest: this is how it looked behind the fences last Saturday, January 10th:

IMHO, the stage totally ruins the view to the castle from Main Street so I for one would be very glad to see it gone for good one day...

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Quote from: "Kristof"According to members on DCP is a seating area going on a patch of grass in front of Le Chateau, which seems to be confirmed by markings on a photo by Disneytheque. :evil:

Photo by Disneytheque

Now that's definitely not good news. You can get some of the best shots of the castle from the angle in front of that patch of grass. I'm sure it'll have a nice design to it, and will fit in with the look of the area, but I can't help thinking that this isn't going to go down very well :(


At least they're not hacking down any trees for it; that's what I was worried about in the first place. To be honest that little hill is probably the best position they could have chosen for the seating area.

Now lets hope the seats themselves look good and fit in...


A seating area THERE??! Seriously, it can't be. That'd be insane.


A seating area on a hill?
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I really hope we are all wrong with the seating area on that hill,what makes DLRP great is the sense of space in the park,without things being too crowded together ,this will definately take away from this.What would be ideal with the stage would be if it could be raised up from ground level at show times ,leaving an unobstructed view for the remaining 95% of the time !! The only problem with that idea is that it would be incredibly expensive !!! :roll:


Hmm. A little odd, Can we just not have a stage ? :P simple!

*Gets spanner* I guess someone has to take down seating :P
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Maybe we are now also getting the Disneycharacters with moving mouths and eyes for this show, as they have in Florida. Would be a nice addition, wouldn't it?
Although Im not all for Mickey talking in French ;)
No touchy!