How much time in Disneyland / Studios /Disney Village?

Started by Bettan, November 16, 2008, 01:33:06 PM

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I think it would be funny to se how you spend your time in the two parks and Disney Village.

This is for our family:

60% Disneyland
20% Studios (more time now because it has Crush's coaster)
20% Disney Village (only in the evening when the parks are closed)



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60% - Disneyland Park
20% - Studios
20% - Village

Exactly the same as you Bettan  :mrgreen:
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85% Disneyland Park
10% Studios
5% Disney Village

If i wasn't going by myself with a 3 year old I would probably spend longer in the Studios.
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80% Disneyland Park
15% Studios
5% Disney Village


40% Disneyland Park.
40% Walt Disney Studios.
20% Disney Village.

Yes, I do spend just as much time in WDS as in DLP. Who can guess why? :lol:


For me it's usually;

Disneyland Park - 60%
WDS - 20%
Village - 20%

But in my last trip in July is was;

Disneyland Park 50%
WDS - 30%
Village - 20%

WDS got more time because of ToT, i'd say it's only a matter of time DLP and WDS will me the same :)
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for us its about

45% DLP
45% WDS
10% Village

we love Stitch and the TOT and crush so we spend a lot more time in the studios thean we used to


I've only been once (this summer) and it was:

58% Disneyland Parc
35% Walt Disney Studios Park
7% Disney Village


Disneyland Parc 59.5%
Walt Disney Studios 39.5%
Village. 1%


I stay off site so i have no need to go to/through the village :p

However, saying that i will go in and do gift shopping etc or pop in and have a walk if i am waiting for the train.
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Well in our household it's>>

60% Disney Park
25% WDS
15% Village


45% Disneyland Parc
40% Walt Disney Studios Park
15% Disney Village


70% Disneyland Park
20% Walt Disney Studios
10% Disney Village

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I would say
65% Disneyland Park
25% Walt Disney Studios
10% Disney Village
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Now that there are all of the new rides in WDS:

DLP: 60%
WDS: 35%
DV: 5%