Disney's Stars 'n' Cars

Started by Kristof, January 16, 2006, 07:48:23 PM

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I was surprised they removed Gaston, Queen and Cruella from the parade as they are rarely seen in the parks apart from Halloween so Studios was the perfect place to meet some villians. Jafar is a rare character these days to meet but Hook is a regular in Disneyland Park so a strange choice to now have him as a regular character in the studios.

It's nice to give the parade a slight refresh with new characters. When there are so many villians to choose from I would say it would have been better to choose a villian that wasn't a regular like Maleficiant a very popular villian only seen around halloween. It would have been a good tie in too for the film out in the summer.


I can't believe I never seen the Stars n Cars Parade. So will have to make sure we do next week.

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I love stars n cars, and look forward to seeing Jafar in it, but agree with the others it is a good chance to see rare characters and Caprain Hook can be seen in the Park, would have liked to seen 'rarer ' characters instead.


I haven't seen the Stars 'n' Cars parade in a really long time, and not since they changed it and became a straightforward parade...

We're off tomorrow and I think my daughter will enjoy the parade (am I right in thinking that Stitch and Mulan are both still in the parade?), but we also wanted to see the Moteurs Action stunt show. Do you think we could see the end of the parade (near the stunt show), and then catch the show? The parade starts at 14:15 and Moteurs Action at 14:45.


You should be able to, But not sure what seats will be left for you in the stunt show. The Stars and Cars parade has been reduced since some of the vehicles are used in the Spring parade


Great, thanks!

Yes, I get the feeling that there would be a rush of people doing the same thing, and that it will be difficult to get good seats... May wait to see how busy it is, and if there's too much of a crowd forget about the stunt show. Or do it later  :)

captain rocket

From the most recent reports, the stunt show is a shadow of it's former self. The last time I saw it the show was RUBBISH! There were NO car jumps and I would say that they have ripped the heart out of this show and there is now more talking and less action! There is now a "guest" appearance by Lightning McQueen and it is hard to think how they could have made it less exciting.
So, in short,  my advice would be to miss this show altogether unless someone who knows the show has seen it recently and can confirm that it is not as sterile as it has been for the last year or so.
I was at DLRP for the preview day of Swing into Spring and they have taken three vehicles from Stars and cars for this. The cars that have moved are Snow White, Monsters Inc and Mary Poppins. The first two cars have been repainted for the high energy show, Mary Poppins had not been touched on my visit. This has left Stars and cars a little short! And although there were said to be more "guest" characters walking the route there were none on my visit. Stitch is still in the parade, but you can never guarantee who will appear and on my visit there was no Mulan only her dragon!
Stitch is also in Swing into Spring so you have two opportunities to see him.
If you decide to leave out the stunt show then my advice for watching the parade is to stand outside of Flying carpets as there are usually very few people here where the parade starts and the characters will be waving at your children which should make them feel really special!
Have a great visit.


Thanks captain! Followed your advice and gave Moteurs a miss, I remember it when it was exciting, no point in disappointing ourselves....

Also watched the parade near the start, by Art of Animation, it was very quiet around there. The parade wasn't great though, with the missing cars it's very short, and no, no Mulan only Mushu (my daughter was a bit upset about that, she's really into Mulan right now)


I was quite disappointed with stars n cars parade.  When we were at disney 3 years ago, there was a bit of a show where all the charachters got off their cars, danced about a bit, ran round the cordon signing books and meeting fans, then finished the rest of the parade back on the cars.  You can see why we disappointed with a straightforward drive past...


It's such a shame to see Stars N Cars being allowed to deteriorate into its current state. Such a beautiful parade if done properly. They must be able to make some new cars brought from the states where the cars originally came from and create a brand new car. Add some guest/walk about characters too.

It still has a brilliant parade track.


We didn't bother with Stars n Cars last week.
It actually was a little bit confusing as they also run 2 other parades/meet & greets at 12 & 1pm, using 2 of the cars and around 10/12 characters.  The problem with the character meets is that it's now a little too "polite" with official queues forming for each character, which makes it impossible to get to see/meet more than one.
Previously in the actual parade the characters would just wander around the arena perimeter, so if you were in a good spot, you could be certain that you would get photos & autographs.  Not so much the case now  :'(


More news about Stars n Cars today and its future. FOr the summer season it's all change from a parade to a meet and greet. Details courtesy of InsideDLParis on twitter.

From 5 July this year only 4 of the original Cars will be used for a new meet 'n' greet that has been tested for the last couple of weeks.[/size]/quote]
[/size][/size]This meet 'n' greet version, including at least 15 Disney Characters, will run through 31 August. [/size]
[/size]This equals the end of WDS having it's own parade which is a very say day. I think this should be an addittion to the studio plus Stars N Cars. This parade needs to be looked after I think.


That's sad indeed. Stars n' Cars used to be a good show, but it's decreased slowly every year, ending being just a simple massive meet-n-greet.

However, InsideDLParis later added: "However, the Incredibles are awaiting you at Backlot for a little surprise appereance for the same running period". (x)

This means for now Incredibles meet-n-greet. Possibly a short show too...?
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do you think it will be on up till the 5th as we go 30/6 - 4/7...?


According to "Inside DL Paris" Twitter the Stars 'n' Cars parade has finished and The Incredibles hit the Road is now on its route.  Does anyone know if this is for good or just for a limited time?  I was looking forward to seeing Stars 'n' Cars on my visit to DLP in September.  Ta.