Mickey's Magical Party (until 7th March 2010)

Started by Kristof, July 17, 2008, 09:58:12 PM

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So it won't continue untill april 1st? I've read that somwhere here on the forum.
Too bad, there won't be any extra shows or Minnie's Party Express when we visit then.


i heard that mmp was continuing till start of april.
does anyone what is going to be happening between now and the ngf starting, in going on 16th march, and i am slightly worried that its gonna be a bit of a dip

To see fairies, you have to belive in fairies

Santa Fe- March 2010
Cheyenne- December 2010
Next trip- July 2012 (wish we could go sooner)


I've been told by DLP it's continuing until beginning of April - fingers crossed, we go next Sunday!

Magic M


Mickey's Magic Party is officially over!


The Shows and Parade programme has just been upated for 8th March - 19th March and MMP is no-where to be found.

* No Its Party Time
* No Minnie's Party Train

The main attractions in the Disneyland Park are apparently:
* African Tan Tams
* Once Upon A Dream Parade

At least the tack decorations will have been taken down :lol:


I'm a bit dissapointed about It's Party Time, I would have liked to see it one more time...

Still, if they take those decorations off the Castle, it will all be worth it....  [-o<