Indiana Jones Temple of Peril Forwards AND Backwards!

Started by MSW, July 03, 2008, 02:30:24 PM

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Maybe the title then could be changed,

But I was so disappointed when the backwards version was set forwards.
So why, not test the popularity of both ways, next to eachother?
Not only backwards, but mirrored too!

When I played Rollercoaster tycoon as a kid, there was a favourite of mine also, goldmine karts which went both sides.

This would probably be imagined.
The piece of grass next to Indiana Jones is left unused. (You can see a pretty good attraction-fit field of grass when you're using the disney railroad after having seen the indiana Jones attraction.)

And then, when being done imagineering the attraction:
Why not give it a new name?

-Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Crystal Skull
Not entirely renew the old attraction, but:
Add a few more temple ruins
Show a replica of the Crystal Skull
Fire effects
Smoke effects
Light effects!
Music effects attached to every cart.
rolling stones!

Haven't seen the movie at all, I heard it was wonderful.
But how did you think of this?  :lol:

Remco K.

Perhaps the track could be enlarged and a switch could be used to make the trains go back and forwards during the ride.

Example: the train enters a mysterious little temple. The track switches to another and you make a short fall backwards with the large ball coming after you.


That's a really good idea, but I wouldn't go so far as building another ride. Couldn't you just turn a few of the current trains backwards? The queue could split halfway and ask "Do you want to ride forwards, or backwards?", then when you come to load they put you into the correct train. I guess it'd be like a single rider line. The only obvious problem being how to split the trains -- how many should be forwards, how many backwards?

It would definitely make the coaster much more unique and actually increase re-riding.

Oh, fire and smoke effects -- yes yes yes!!! And those animatronic wild animals they planned too. :mrgreen:


This is actually a really good idea! :D  I myself would rarely ride it backwards, but I'm sure other people would. I think there should be more forward facing seats though, because most of the people I know who have ridden the ride prefer it forwards.

Quote from: "Baloo"Oh, fire and smoke effects -- yes yes yes!!! And those animatronic wild animals they planned too. :mrgreen:

And tunnels! The ride desperately needs some sort of tunnel! When I first rode it I couldn't believe it never actually went inside the temple. :roll:




hi there, long time reader first time poster  :hello:

as the trains are 2 carriages, could'nt they have one carriage facing forwards and one backwards. then have 2 trains one where you face front in front and back in back, and the other where you will face the other carriage, would be interesting watching other peoples facial expressions, as long as they don't throw up going up a lift hill.  :sick:


That is such a good idea, it would be great if that happened. x
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Matts', you're so absolutely right.

People then can choose to sit forwards or backwards, same terrific idea as Crush's!


So, this may be a cool thing. Carriages for eight people, and they can sit forwards and backwards...