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Started by pussinboots, June 23, 2008, 04:00:22 AM

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When I went, My friend who is like 38 smoked alot in the parks and at the Studios outside the Art of Disney Animation and he was smoking we was having a little conversation then I asked him not to smoke but completey ingored me and there was alot of people walking in the parks with a cigar in their fingers and the smell in people's faces so DLRP needs to be more serious with smoking.
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What a nice idea puss! Really nice! They must do this! Just tell them!  =D>

As for the languages: I don´t think there should be a spanish version or else. The simple phrase "Thank you for not smoking" shoud be something to know. And if not: It´s very very unfair to take just one language more to signs, shows, brochures etc. especial in europe. It´s not about what people understand and what they not understand. It´s about "savoir faire". I think that people understand it would make it more silly for them.

"Why take they spanish/dutch/german here and there and not my language???? That´s no service and discriminatory!"

Just remember the french themselves. They understand english and often a bit german but they hardly need a friendly "Bonjour, je ne said pas francais mais....."-phrase. It´s simply a kind of manners. (And yes I hear the people of other countries saying "Why spanish at playhouse disney?" and they won´t know or accept "Cause they are a big visitor group" but that´s another topic)

In my opinion the only option is to make a french and an english version. That´s something that other nations accept without a bad feeling inside their stomach.

But by the way: How much space for diffrent languages do you find on such a sticker  :lol:

It´s a very nice low budget solution puss! Simply a great thing!
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Thanks. I really doubt guest relations welcomes suggestions of this genre, though. Unfortunately.

But they seem to have just replaced all the trash cans on Main Street. Perhaps the new ones are ashtray-free?

Although I doubt it would really make a difference. People would just dispose of their cigarettes elsewhere, starting little fires and ruining paintwork. Europe may have banned smoking from its restaurants and public buildings, but it will take another couple of decades before people will think twice before lighting up outdoors. Even if they're surrounded by people who have not been asked whether they would enjoy inhaling their residual nicotine and tar.

As for languages... I thought; French for obvious reasons, English because it's the de facto lingua franca. Adding any other language would open the floodgates to what you described, Riebi. Putting everything in six languages would be madness anyway — imagine the restroom signs.


Seeing people smoke annoys me !  :x  . They shouldn't even be smoking at DLRP , because Disneyland is Supposed to smell nice , not smell of tar and nicotine !
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