Halloween Festival (2005)

Started by Anthony, July 11, 2005, 06:04:06 PM

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I had the chance to do almost everything i wanted to do at the Halloween Night! Dressed as Willy Wonka, i had the priviledge to go on stage along with the HOCUS POCUS Wicked Witches, Great moments! Just after it, with a group of 30 french disney fans we did the Parade at night, just before the fantillusion Villains and impressive Fire floats. The Fireworks was great and put to shame this summer Wishes.

A pic of me and my Oompa Loompa:

Flor and raptor, post a pic of you guys, you were great too!
Hug it out bitch !


We did both nights, the first night was the WORST experience ever in DLRP.

Flor was wearing the Jafar outfit which he bought in the park.  I was wearing the Aladdin suit which he wore last year.

When we got into the parks without any hasle, we were approached by a group of British cast-members (they were from EPC) who invited us to the pre-parade.  That happened 4 times when we were walking in the park.

We went to the direction of Crittel Coral when suddenly a CM stopped me and said that she loved my costume, BUT since it was a Disney costume, I was not allowed to:
1) Smoke
2) Talk to guests
3) Get pictures with guests.
If they would ask me to get a picture, I had to make hand gestures that I wouldn't do it.   :-s
I was kind off shocked, but continued our visit in the park.  I rejected everyone non-verbal who wanted to get a picture with me.

Now here comes the worst part of the story:
We decided to go L'Auberge in Fantasyland to get some pictures of our group.  Flor and i went to the terrace while the others were waiting in front of the castle.  Suddenly, out of the blue, I got surrounded by a cast-member and 2 security officers.  They asked me in French why I wasn't refused access when I got into the park with my costume.  I wasn't allowed with the costume according to them.  Then they asked if I changed clothes inside the park.  I told them what happened, how I was approached 5 times by different CM's and how they said they loved my costume.  I told them about the CM in frontierland who explained me the "rules".  
Then they told me that if I would stick me to those rules, I could stay in the park...  The wished me a pleasant night and they were gone.

We went directly to City Hall to file a complaint, but I didn't get the names of the CM's, so they couldn't do much.  The guy just said that those CM's probably didn't know you were allowed to dress up, since it's new since this year.  I pointed out that we were wearing the same costumes last year, he didn't have an answer to that.  So I just wrote down what happened on a complaint form and went back into the parks.


Oh and the thing that bothered me the most was how rude and sarcastic they were. This was no Disney magic at all.


Cool costume Kinou, and Raptor sounds like complete idiots running the parks these days, completely not magical it sounds like, really do the cast members never understand that soiree usually means party and that you can usually see people dressed up.  Maybe it's just me or did they invite people to dress up :roll: .