Disney Village Expansion/Improvements

Started by Kristof, August 21, 2005, 02:18:16 PM

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That photo is taken in Paris City, a block away from the famous La Fayette department store.  The balloons looked a lot better there, with the additional Chinese Lanterns.


Did they really get the inspiration for DV from Printemps?  lol

It's a weird coincidence, and I'm not even sure which balloons I prefer!  In Disney Village they just ruin a really badly designed metallic structure, whereas in Paris they kinda ruin an ornate old building... hmm  :?  :lol:

Thanks for the photo, anyway!   :D


And it's getting worse!!


Err.. ok. (!)  I didn't expect this, but I have to say I think that once they've covered the second side with balloons, it'll balance it all out and probably make it look a bit better.  Probably.  :?  They're only balloons though - it's not like they're hiring Frank Gehry to design anything...  :wink:

I can't believe the poor workers have to spend their Christmas putting up those daft balloons, must be annoying!  :lol:


As the colour scheme is at the moment, those balloon things don't fit in, but if the big column things get painted (along with everything else of course) I think they might well work  :lol: . I will just DIE if they don't have any intension of repainting those awful colours thouhgh... it's a bit strange doing that before hanging the balloons, so i'm getting quite scared  :?
Grab a balloon, come on let\'s go!


I highly doubt a repaint of the columns, simple reason is how much it would cost, what would the point be and after all the balloons are there, how do you paint with those on :? .  These are a bit better, though still nothing compared with the original look of the place, which I don't think they will ever be able to beat.


We haven't had a Balloon-Watch update for a while, so here we go!

They're now on lots of the pillars on the right side of the street, and I think it's actually starting to look fairly good...

Starting to appear near King Ludwig's:

So.... dare I ask... what do you think now?  I think the street actually looks much better than before.  Sure, the cheap, odd balloons are a VERY weird idea, but they bring a *lot* of colour to the place, don't you think?  I think sometimes people expect a bit too much from a company with €2bn+ of debt...  :wink: Just my thoughts!  Now go ahead, tell me you hate them again, everyone!  :lol:


Actually, I don't care anymore that much.  When I'm in the Village, I just roll my eyes  :roll:  and continue strolling down the Street.  :lol:


QuoteStarting to appear near King Ludwig's:

A 'middle age castle' with colourful (modern) balloons  :roll:


Quote from: "flor"A 'middle age castle' with colourful (modern) balloons  :roll:

Only in Disney Village at Disneyland Resort Paris... That slogan's going in the next brochure for sure! haha :lol:

I see what you mean about just rolling your eyes now - the place is home to 14 years of bad decisions and cheap fixes - I wonder if it'll *ever* be as cool as  we all want it to be?


Well I still don't like it and still loved the original design before they made a mockery of the whole village, really balloons are not the answer especially not on the side with Ludwigs and Rainforest Cafe etc, something more imaginative could have been thought up or maybe they could have just given the columns a rehab instead of taking them away.


The balloons look really great here:

photo by: "wicketnic" on Disney Central Plaza forum


Special lights have also been added to bring in some extra colour to the area.


Quote from: "raptor1982"Special lights have also been added to bring in some extra colour to the area.
Wow!  That area looks SO good now!  The sign on the side of the Sports Bar building looks really cool compared to the one on the front...  :?

Another piece of good news now - they're getting rid of the old central stage pillar!  This should really open the area up and make it much more attractive...



The pillar is gone, and it looks so much nicer now!  They just need some good seating and perhaps a bit of greenery...


And look at how colourful the whole Village looks with all the balloons up:



Your thoughts?