[own idea] Mickey's Movie Making Madness [own idea]

Started by 15MagicalYears, May 06, 2008, 09:54:08 PM

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^  ^  ^ Thats the sign that'll be outside the theatre ^  ^  ^

Mickeys Movie Making Madness is a fabulous new entertainment peice to the Walt Disney Studios park!  :)

Mickey is making a brand new movie and chose to film it in the Walt Disney Studios park, right here in Paris! At first you are just a member of the audience and Mickey goes ahead with filming until half the cast doesn't show up! Who can he rely on? YOU yes you may be picked to come up and star in Mickeys film.

In the end of the chaos, a large screen appears on stage and it's the premear of Mickeys movie.

(You are actualy filmed and later played on the screen)