Anyone else want to be an Imagineer?

Started by MinniesBestPal, April 26, 2008, 11:18:12 PM

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This half term's ICT project is to design a theme park of our own. We were allowed to do anything we like, as long as we can calculate the land and money needed, how many staff needed, design our own rides, etc, so I decided to build a Disneyland Uk. (Its not real of course!)

Anyway, I've been working on drawing the map, and deciding what to do for the different rides.

So, the past few nights I've had dreams of Disneyland, and when I went in December, and then second I wake up, an idea has suddenly appeared in my head! This morning I woke up with the idea for a ride called "Frost Mountain", a roller coaster kind of thing (still going with the mountain theme, like space mountain, thunder mountain), and then yesterday I woke up thinking "Nemo's coral reef" (basically like a finding nemo version of orbitron, the dumbo ride, etc.) And the day before that I woke up with a bunch of ideas for parade floats! I drew them today!

Its a bit weird, but I quite like waking up and going "WOW! Thats a good idea!" then I usually draw it later (I drew lots today!)

I have often thought about becoming an imagineer, and now I'm thinking of it even more! I just wondered if anyone else has considered it, and if so, what kind of ideas have you come up with!


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I know what you mean MBP, I sometimes come up with some random ideas for rides like you said. I myself would love to become an imagineer, I just think it would be so fantastic, I just can't see it happening though :(


I have to say Imagineer is my number 1 dream job.  It's something i would love to do and i often get some ideas about new attractions, i mainly think of them at DLRP  :wink:

I had found a great website once about how to become an imagineer but i cant seem to find it  :cry:   If i find it again i will post it here :)
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Remco K.

I think it's the dream job for a lot of fans. Unfortunately you don't become an Imagineer just like that. They most likely expect you to have some worthy papers. Studies in both engineering and art are requiered for a job at WDI. At least, I remember having seen these requirements for the WDI office in the states.

Also a bright imagination is important. Off course we all have a bright imagination, but it's still a thing to put any ideas on paper.

I'm not trying to spoil anyone's dream here, but from all lots of fans, probably only a few might make it to become an Imagineer. Also because they probably don't hire that many new employees at a time.

But again, yes, it's a dream job! :D


The only problem is, if you become an Imagineer I don't think you'd be allowed to post on any Disney forums anymore. :shock:

To be honest, I think being an Imagineer would spoil the magic a bit for me, knowing all the secrets and stuff. I'd rather just be fan of the parks so I can fully enjoy my trips there. :)  

I certainly wouldn't mind being a general roller coaster designer though. In fact, that's something I'm aiming for. If not that, maybe an architect, or something else to do with designing.


Yeah, I suppose it would spoil the magic slightly... But still, I think it would be fun to see your ideas become real!


Yeah, I suppose it would spoil the magic slightly... But still, I think it would be fun to see your ideas become real!

Remco K.

Quote from: "RnRCj"The only problem is, if you become an Imagineer I don't think you'd be allowed to post on any Disney forums anymore. :shock:
Actually, I think it's ok to post on Disney forums, as long as you won't get caught posting sensitive information from within the company.


Actually an Imagineer would be my second job.  :wink:  I would like to work in the Senior Management Team, probably in the control room.  My real life job is management anyway, but instead of managing a resource centre, I would love to manage anything to do with Disney parks.

Saying that, as for Imagineering, I am a qualified Engineer,  :D  and have a very vivid imagination and good with creativity, once set a task I stick to it until it's done.  :D   I'm a trained perfectionist, so this quality should live up to Walt's ideals. :D  

My main downfall would be the artistic side, I didn't take art at school  :(

Still we can all dream about job's that we are unlikely to get.  :wink:


YES for a very long time now I've wanted to be an Imagineer-specifically i want to draw concept designs or build models for new attractions. I am currently working on getting a portfolio together to go to an art college(I have been out of school for about 2 years but right after my summer in Europe Im applying to get back into the community college, boosting my portfolio and credentials there, and applying to the art school again when I am ready which hopefully is soon). My goal is to be accepted in the School of Visual Arts animation program within the next 2 years about. Wish me luck! And if you want to ever talk about this sort of thing please feel free to email or personal message me on this site, Id love to talk to you about it. I am also a plethora of imagineering knowledge lol...


Quote from: "MinniesBestPal"Yeah, I suppose it would spoil the magic slightly... But still, I think it would be fun to see your ideas become real!
I have to say as a Cast Member:

Technically since I know how everything works and I [spoiler:2kowxeak]know the characters...inside and out should I say?[/spoiler:2kowxeak] and have seen that backstage it is [spoiler:2kowxeak]very dirty! not what I expected at all![/spoiler:2kowxeak]lol... you'd think that in itself is ruined magic but...

I still cry when I see wishes and at the "Dream along with Mickey show [spoiler:2kowxeak]even though I know how the "new special effects" work...yep I cried the first time I saw the show that way[/spoiler:2kowxeak] and I still flip the heck out when I see my favourite characters and I am still a kid inside... so I'd say imagineering wouldn't be any more of a magic spoiler than that, in fact, seeing your creation come to life has always been a bit of magic in and of itself for me anyhow as an artist, I can't imagine that happening for me on the scale it does when you work for imagineering!

Now getting a steady job in Imagineering, and being able to those are the real concerns...


I would love to, I would prefer to think up shows and parades rather than rides.  :D/
I just prefer them. Every night I always try to think up new shows ect. most the time I'll post them up here! :D


Well imagineering really interests me but since working at disney myself i have to say i has taken on abigger interest for me.I love reading about the history of the parks and the design and where the inspiration comes from.I am not great at art or design but i like to draw my ideas i had some ideas for an update of the haunted mansion for wdw then what do you know they actually updated it when i was working there so that was an interesting coincidence.

I also love learning how things work when my rides used to break down in fantasyland,which was alot :? ,i would always get to talk to the engineers and see what was wrong and see how they worked.I also really liked being trained in the fastpass machines and seeing how they run etc.And like kristy said seeing how all these things work etc doesnt spoil the magic for me it enhances it i just get more interested and i still get excited about characters etc.I would love to be able to put my ideas across and create but i dont have the art skill and so i dont know what ara of imagineering could work for me but i am also interested in engineering side but i have the ideas and i want to learn as much as i can about the parks and history of their design.I think this is why disneyparis stands so strong in my mind still since i was 9 it was the most colourful and fantasy looking place i have ever seen and i cant wait to go back in july and see it from another perspective now i am older and can appreciate the imagineering there.I would always look at the many downfalls with wdw magic kingdom and me and my princess love talking about this kind of thing but to be part of this magic would be nothing sort of magical.
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