What could be the next park for dlrp?

Started by Sigton, February 21, 2007, 11:59:58 AM

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What park do you want?

9 (13.8%)
Animal Kingdom
12 (18.5%)
Disney Sea
13 (20%)
Something new
31 (47.7%)

Total Members Voted: 65

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Quote from: "Owain"
Quote from: "disneyloverjessie"Im not sure if i want another park its quite nice how its small. You would also have to come for longer to fit it all in. :?

But isnt that what we want, the "Walt Disney World" for europe ?

I dont i like going on a short one week break to disney it wont be the same if it turns into a sort of summer holiday.
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QuoteBut isnt that what we want, the "Walt Disney World" for europe ?

uhm yes i want it, and it was the plan of the walt disney company that Eurodisney will have 3 parks 1 water park and a lot of hotels....

i think it will be stupit to loose this land and dont built an 3rd park there with new hotels.


here's a question for you; will the water park (lava lagoon) count as a third gate? cos i imagine that would be cheaper than building a whole theme park, and it would be AWESOME!


as i can remember lava lagoon will count as a third gate, but im not really
I read often that lava laggon is just for the hotel guests from the hotel cheyenne and santa fee!!!


No, lava lagoon was not the third gate.


Would be nice to have a 3rd gate. Someone needs to break the two-park curse (Tokyo, Anaheim and Paris, 2-park resorts) Will Hong Kong get a 2nd park soon?
I think Paris should be the next Disney World. Open a third gate, and a water park and I think given the location, that's a perfect amount.
Would be great if you guys got an original park. One that doesn't borrow attractions from all other parks and sticks it all together (like DCA, that park has a ride from just about every park in Disney World!)
Good luck to DLRP!



I really want a disney themed water park!!! I know we dont really have the weather for it but who cares? its DISNEY lol

can anyone tell me what lava laggon is? is it already there? i just got back and will be soooo dissapointed if it is :-(

I would like to see an expedtition everest tho (even if i was too scared to go on it)
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If you do a google image search you can get some plans for it really easily. I'm sure you'll agree that it looks pretty darn awesome


in fact http://www.disneytheque.com/index.php?/ ... eries.html have a couple of concept plans if you click on project oubiles (or whatever), then lava lagoon