How busy will it be on... ?

Started by roaldbergmann, January 22, 2008, 12:55:36 AM

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Christmas is very busy. You'll probably be queuing an hour (or more) for all the major attractions. I'd recommend going a bit earlier instead - Maybe in school time?

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we have been three times now for christmas, the latest we've been is 6 dec, last year it was 18 - 22 november and the queues where nice and quiet, i think the longest we had to queue for was about 10 - 15 minutes mon - thursday, but saying that we got there on the sunday at about 1.30pm and we only managed to go on 3 rides, but week days are nice and pieceful at the start of christmas season  :)


Thanks for your answers.As I'm still going to school, we have to go during the school holidays. The earliest we could go would be three days before christmas eve. I don't think that this makes a difference. I wish we could go earlier.


We visited 8-13 December and i didnt que for more than 5 min on most attractions, nemo was the longest in the time we visited...

anyone any idea how busy the parc is on bastille day?


I'll be in the park on Bastille Day this year too!
I was in DLRP on Bastille Day 2006 and it wasn't much busier than normal summer days (which are pretty busy to begin with). I think there was about a 5-10 mnute extra queue time. If you use fastpasses well you won't notice though. One advantage is the Bastille Day fireworks!
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We were there for Bastille day last year. It was a Saturday and was really busy.
There was a fireworks ceremony just after 11pm -which was really good. However it took us around 45 mins to get from the front of the castle back down main street to the gates because of all the crowds trying to leave.


And the 7th -10th of may? after we had booked we heard that the 1st and 8th are french holiday days.Does anyone know if it `s only the 1st and the 8th that french people are free or are all the schools closed for one or two weeks?

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I'm off on Sunday until Friday, anyone know how busy it'll be?


July 14th-18th?

I'm probably going from 11th-14th of October - How busy will it be then? I know one of the days is a sunday and it is during the Halloween Festival but anyway...

Thanks in advance

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16th to 20th July, any idea how busy it will be? I finish school early, so I'm wondering when the European school holidays are, we're hoping we'll just skim them!

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My next trip is in september, 15th-18th, anyone got any ideas on how hecitc it will be? Have been in November and Feb before. So excited!!!



Hello Love the Magic!!

September should be OK, school holidays are over, and since you're going during the week, I would expect it to be fairly quiet...  :)


5th-8th January...anyone?
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Quote from: "littlemermaid83"5th-8th January...anyone?

Kids go back to school that week, plus you're going during the week.... I would say it's going to be rather quiet!