Favourite Disneyland Park characters

Started by WaltDisneyFanBoy, November 26, 2007, 10:00:26 PM

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Hi there. Whenever I go to Disneyland, I just have to see Donald Duck, because a stay in Disneyland would not be complete for me without Donald Duck.
What Disney characters do u like to meet in the park?


Mickey, Donald, Goofy and stitch are my favorite to meet (basically my favorite Disney characters)
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My favorite character is Scrooge McDuck, but I have never seen him in the parks, just on photos in Disney Village. Anybody of you ever seen Scrooge McDuck?

Otherwise it is Donald Duck.

My girlfriend's favorite character is Piglet.


:D I saw Scrooge on my last visit. He was in the Studios though.

Personally I love seeing the really cuddly characters, such as Eeyore, Donald and Baloo. :P They just look so huggable.


My favs are: Baloo, Pluto and Sully.

And of course: STITCH! ("Love candy")
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Urm.... Eeyore!  :D  Mickey and Donald are top of my list too.

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I have seen Scrooge the last time too.There have been times where you could meet him every day, you know the character meeting times standing in the map...
I need to see Buzz Lightyear, he is my favourite, but I also like to see Goofy, Minnie and Woody.


I too have to see Donald every visit :lol: I love him!


My 9 year old sons favourites are Chip n Dale. His face lights up when he sees them.


Mickey and Minnie are my favourites! Although I like all the disney characters..but I just have a soft spot for mickey and minnie
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Tigre is at that top of the list  :D
Just because of his jumpy attitude, always being lifely, his bright orange colour and off course him being a true friend!

Mickey has to be my number 2, the man which made it all possible and is our star icon!  :mickey2:

But h*ll...how is it possible to make choice with all those great characters around....????  :roll:
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oh i cant choose a fav !! i like them all :D
but i do enjoy watching Mickey Mouse Club House ;) lololol and oh sing me a story with belle is also good :D
so i guess i do have favs :P

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Quote from: "tubbsy"Urm.... Eeyore!  :D  Mickey and Donald are top of my list too.

We need it cuddly 8)  :D
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Well......say no more, my avatar say's it all.  :wink: My partner's favourite is Chip & Dale and my daughter's favourite is Snow White. :wink:


I think this is a interesant and funny post ¿why can rescue it?  :P
Like someone here, my favourite Character is Stitch! I love how crazy he is!   :stitch_bounce:
 And also i hope to meet any Hyena from the Lion King, my favourita disney movie (and my favourite characters from it), It´s very dificult?

Hakuna matata! :stitch:
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