Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton 2010)

Started by peep, November 16, 2007, 02:53:04 PM

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I loved it too! I agree the script isn't as good as the effects, but I got so lost in that beautiful wonderland that I didn't really mind. Helena Bonham-Carter played her role very well, she was hilarious. The Mad Hatter has become sort of a mix of Johnny Depp's previous characters, but I still liked it, he's great at weird parts. Alan Rickman's voice fitted the part of Absolom brilliantly and the March Hare is just funny. The mouse didn't really annoy me, but I could've lived without her, and Anne Hathaway could've played her part better I think.

And the 3D glasses also annoyed me, I would have loved the movie without 3D too.


I'm going to see it on Wednesday when it comes out in Belgium.
My only regret is that the local theatre is only showing it in 3D (which I HATE, I HATE wearing glasses over my glasses) but oh well, it's that or nothing.
At least they are showing it now, instead of boycotting it like they were intending at first.


And here's the North American Box Office for the first weekend:  US $41 million on Friday (3/5), and US $118.1 million for the first weekend (3/5-7), smashing the records set by 300.


I saw it last Weds with my friend Sam (in 3D alas, as neither of the cinemas local-ish to us have it in 2D) and we LOVED it.  Seriously it was an awesome film.  If it weren't so damned expensive to see it in 2D I'd go see it again.  I'll definitely buy it on DVD when it's released :)


Tim Burton and actress Marion Cotillard are honoured with France's cultural awards! :-)
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We saw the movie in 3D yesterday in English. While I loved it, my girlfriend was a little bit disappointed. In some parts I have to agree with her, for example we think that if Tim Burton had done the movie for another studio than Disney it would have been darker and better.

The 3D effects were fine, but not as good as in Avatar. I think that's because Avatar was filmed in 3D while Alice received the effects after filming.

So if you haven't seen it, go and watch it!


I saw Alice in Wonderland the other week in 3D. I loved it! But then I also wish it had ended differently.
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Indeed the design was awe-inspiring, jack-smacklingly original and futterwackingly fantastical, but it wasnt the best of Burtons films.

Call me picky, but I didnt like the way he gave all the charcters other names (eg the Dormouse with Malmykin, or something). They were confusing and unmemorable, and were more like random words tossed into the conversation.
I also felt that he sacraficed a lot of his own style and feel in order to try and get it successful. It felt he was conforming to ideas set by other blockbusters, just to get it to be popular, eg the big King Kong style Jabberwock battle and the showdown between the Chess Set and the Deck, that looked more at home in Lord of the Rings. Everything up to these points I LOVED.

Johnny Depp was, in my opinion, entertaining. He brought little new to the role, and it felt like he was just regurgitating his previous roles in a Glaswegian accent.
Helena Bonham Carter and Anne Hathaway were stunning. Remarkle. Loved them.
Alice was fine - it would have been nice if they made her a bit more unique, as opposed to the 'feels out of place, very pretty, perfect, and going to save the day' stereotype that seems to keep cropping up in todays films.

If anything, I think an original idea and a smaller budget helps Tim Burton's films.

Just my mere opinions... I write reviews for a local theatre, and I suppose things got out of hand :P