Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton 2010)

Started by peep, November 16, 2007, 02:53:04 PM

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:shock: Matt Lucas as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee is GENIUS. :P And I'm very pleased to hear that Johnny Depp will once again be working with Tim Burton. I just can't wait to hear more about what's going on with this film.

Personally, I loved Beowulf, so I'd be more than happy to see this film done in the exact same way.


Quote from: "-breeno-"I'm probably the only one who thinks this but i feel this film could flop because of the big names they're casting, I'd say Johnny Depp will do a good job as the Mad Hatter but Matt Lucas, im not too sure, i'd say though, i'd say it depends on who will be in the film, if Burton picks really big names then i feel this could be a flop, hopefully i'm proven wrong though :P

Did you see Matt Lucas in "Wind in the Willows" as Toad? He was fantastic. Great character actor. I think he is born for this part


First photos have leaked online of Mia Wasikowska (Alice) on the set:

Click here for the photos


Wow I really like the way this film is looking!
The photographs are brilliant, thanks so much for posting the link Kristof!  :D
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Wow, I've got high hopes for this film now, it looks like it'll be great :mrgreen:


:shock: Eek, I'm so excited for this film! :( 2010 is such a long way away.


Is that Charlestown in Cornwall?! I stayed in one of those four cottages up on the hill a couple of years ago. :mrgreen:

Alice is older than I expected, but that's probably a good thing. I'm really glad he's filming in England, anyway.


Anne Hathway will portray the White Queen from the story I heard.


Yes! I heard that too, opposite Helena Bonham Carter (who else lol) as the red queen, should be interesting to see Ann Hathaway in a Tim Burton. Will it work?
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I'm soo looking forward to this movie as I love everything that Tim Burton just touches! :D

Regarding Anne Hathaway I'm also excited to see if it will work, but I am very that she is in the movie :lol:

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Quote from: "AmericanMouse"Anne Hathway will portray the White Queen from the story I heard.

Really ? Must admit, i can't imagine her as white queen at first, but curios how she will look then. Really looking forward to the movie too, also because Burton is the director.


After giving it a bit of thought, I have come to the conclusion that Anne Hathaway will do well in a Tim Burton film, she is very good at acting with her face, and can contort it into funny faces! lol. I think she will do well, shes a good actress and he had obviously seen something in her he likes! and I for one trust him to make a good film!
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And it also reunites her with the Disney family, having done both Princess Diaries films.

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According to Wikipedia Lord of the Ring star Christopher Lee & Port Talbot's very own (Actor who played Tony Blair in The Queen and The London Investor in Blood Diamond) Michael Sheen[/b] are also signed up for Burton's take on the Lewis Carroll Novels alongside Helena Bonham Carter (Red Queen) Johnny Depp's Madhatter, Matt Lucas' Tweedles Dum and Dee, with Anne Hathaway as the White Queen (Whom I suspect is the Original Version of the Queen of Hearts... but then I'm not sure)

No Matter What it Looks as though Burton is taking the movie back to it literacy starting point and the use of logic that Carroll placed in as The Story tells the story of a game of Chess (Hence the Two Queens)

I thank my brother for his use of the net and interest in all things Burton for the update here... but then he could be totally wrong... not with the Literacy Point of the book though as he's studying that at Uni with Creative Writing


This is what IMDB has written on its new area
QuoteChristopher Lee in a role that has not yet been confirmed. The buzz is that Lee will play either the Caterpillar, King of Hearts,

QuoteAccording to christopher lee web Christopher Lee's role has not yet been disclosed, however johnnydeppreads say that Alan Rickman will play the hookah smoking Caterpillar.

Both Christopher Lee and Alan Rickman have amazing voices!
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