Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton 2010)

Started by peep, November 16, 2007, 02:53:04 PM

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You can watch live footage from the "Royal" World Premiere in London here: ... 6042644380

Cynical me notes how Odeon said strictly "no" yesterday and suddenly "yes" today, just in time for the premiere footage which has their logo (on Odeon Leicester Square) plastered all over it. The film has gained a huge amount of press here from the on/off cinema dispute. It's going to work out very well for everyone involved. The fact that it was not going to be shown and now - wow! - we can see it afterall! - should really get people excited about seeing it.


Quote from: "Anthony"Oh quelle surprise, just in time... ... erland.htm

IMAX 3D here I come!! *empties bank account*
Ooops, sorry, didn't see your post before I posted mine lol!!

I will definitely be seeing this in 3D, just need a willing volunteer to come with me now!!



In Belgium we sadly have little hope of seeing this movie because of the chains boycotting it and because we hardly have any indi cinemas left.

So far Kinepolis is "undecided", I'm hoping that they decide against the boycott in the end.  It would be a good marketing move from them because they'll get all the customers that would have seen it somewhere else and make a good dime out of it.

I'm beyond enraged about the boycott, because I've been looking forward to the movie for MONTHS (well ever since it was announced actually).
Actually I'm looking into whether I can legally set up a protest action in Antwerp on the release day (March 10) but so far that sadly doesn't seem likely, so us poor Belgians can't even go protest the boycott!


lets hope they back down - they have here in the UK all chains are now showing the film - so i hope you get to see it in Belgium

Awesome - tickets booked for friday at 7pm - I cannot wait.. It will be the original voiced 2D version :-)

I really hope for you Hilde and everyone else who wants to see this but is hit by the boycot that a solution will be found as quick as possible :-)

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Pathé (in The Netherlands) will show the movie, in Dutch, Dutch 3D, English 3D, and English IMAX 3D! :-)  

I booked my tickets for the 10th of March when the Dutch IMAX 3D version will premiere.
"Regular" Alice in Wonderland movie and 3D will premiere the 5th of March.

Just keep dreaming, just keep dreaming, what do we do, we dreaaamm


:D Tickets booked for Friday at 5:15pm! We wanted to go all out, so we've paid to go see it in The Gallery! So excited!


#142 have released their UK review of the film.  Sadly I can say that they weren't impressed.  To summerise their review, they felt the visuals poor, the characters vary from ok to terrible and the story never really gets off it's feet.  They gave it 2 stars out of 5 (4/10).

This is exactly what I was worrying about from day one, too much time reeling in the big names and less time working on the story and actually getting the cast to pull a good job.  Also i've been watching a few videos and can't help but feel Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter is almost a carbon copy of his Willy Wonka.  IGN said Depp would have much better suited the role of the Knave of Hearts.

Here is their review in full (NOTE: the start of the review does contain one or two spoilers ;) )
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Saw this film this afternoon and thought it was awesome, Loved the way he portrayed the mad hatter and the march hare always made me laugh hehehe All the characters were great and shall be going to see it again in a few weeks.

I've now returned from the cinema and ultimately I was amazed. It is not a true masterpiece and not Burton's best movie, but you still leave the cinema wowed, entertained and enchanted.

Let's start of with the negative, which in my opinion is the story-telling which lacks a bit - it takes some funny jumps in action and probably could have had 20 minutes more to add to the story, but the visuality and not at least the magnificent set of characters makes you forget this fact and I actually do believe that is what happened to Tim Burton too. His work and thoughts were spend on other parts of the movie and you can see that.

I watched it in 2D, but still the visuals impressed me with their imagination, beauty and the technical immersiveness - once Alice goes down the rabbit hole you follow her and the cinema is transformed into Underland even though it isn't 3D. Me and my friend actually agreed that it seemed like the film contained some moments which would be rather cheasy and theme-park-like in 3D, so we were happy that we chose the 2D version.

And now for the main reason to watch the film in my opinion - THE LOVELY CAST OF CHARACTERS:
(I've made it a spoiler, because some of the descriptions of the actors' performances might contain spoilers)
[spoiler:1xd22gz8]Mia Wasikowska as Alice - She actually does a great job in my opinion. She plays a beautiful and strong Alice and she brings some sanity to the cast in her own mad and innocent way

Johnny Depp as The Mad Hatter - With the posters, trailers and so on he has been made into the reason to watch this film - he is not in my opinion. That doesn't meen he does a bad job though - he is brilliant and I couldn't see any other actor playing the part - he is just not as good as previously or some of the other actors.

Helena Bonham-Carter as the Red Queen - Great! She is crazy, "frigthening" and funny at the same time. She always performs at a high quality - just like Depp and I would say that they both do a pretty good job in this.

Anne Hathaway as the White Queen - Hmm, I actually like her as an actress, but this didn't work for me. Her part was overdone and she seemed a bit out of place. Rather forgettable and boring performance.

Crispin Glover as the Knave of Hearts - Same story as Anne Hathaway. At sometimes he seemed a bit too light for the part as one of the villains. He just didn't fright enough...

Matt Lucas as the Twins -  :lol: extremely funny as always. Some very amusing scenes and also some great character design. I loved how they reminded me of Tim Burton's Sad Toys.

Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat - worth every penny of the ticket! He stole every scene he appeared in and was truly enchanting. His part should be shown to every Voice Actor as he really ACTED with his voice.  =D>

Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit - A pretty good performance, but also a lovely character. All in all I suppose it wouldn't be the performance to remember though.

Alan Rickman as the Caterpillar - Just as Stephen Fry, Mr. Rickman performed pure magic in his scenes. He also succeded in doing voice acting with capital A. Brilliant job as always!

Barbara Windsor as Doormouse - Actually quite funny, but perhaps a bit like the White Rabbit not the one you will remember in the long run. Still great character.

Paul Whitehouse as the March Hare - For me this was the funniest character of the movie and Paul Whitehouse, who I do not know, cracked me up with his wonderful accent and hysterical voice acting.

Timothy Spall as Bayard - A very good performance too and he actually touched me emotionally at some points, which animated dogs rarely do to me ;)

Cristopher Lee as the Jabberwocky - He is almost as certain in a Burton movie as Depp and Bonham-Carter and eventhough he only had 2-3 lines in the end he managed to burn his way into your memory of the movie, and that is the stamp of the work of a true master of the arts. This man is a legend![/spoiler:1xd22gz8]

I have to say - everyone should go and see the movie. If not for anything else then to be enchanted by the amazing performances from Stephen Fry and Alan Rickman and the imaginative visuals created by Tim Burton and his wonderful team of set designers, wardrobers, make-up artists and of course special effects guys.

[spoiler:1xd22gz8]The only thing which was completely out of place and actually pretty stupid in my eyes was the scene with the Futterwacken. The music and some of the dance moves was just too much for me - I really liked the scene where Alice did the dance in front of the aristocracy - that seemed more in place and subtle.[/spoiler:1xd22gz8]

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we went last night and the queues were amazing, we went as mature family ( 6 of us ranging from 30 - 88 ) and everyone loved it, there were laughs along the way and my dad loved the March hare - go see it. My grandma who is 88 said the reviews didnt do it justice

Pete's Dragon

Did we see the same film? I thought it was absolutely terrible !! The script was a mess, the dialogue was choppy at best, and *sigh* Johnny Depp was annoying at best.
One of the few saving graces was the Anne Hathaway and Helen Bonam Carter, both with terrific performances. Plus some extremely impressie cinematography during the Jabberwokey fight.
I am realy disappointed. I love Johnny Depp, I love Tim Burton, and I love Disney so this should have been a match made in heaven. But I'm afraid I'll stick to the animated classic (and so will my daughter who was completely bored)

3/10   :(


Lol, looks like you're the one who went to see that wrong film Pete's Dragon. You and certain reviews haven't given it enough credit. Personally I was never expecting it to be the best film I've ever seen, I was simply expecting it to be a very good Tim Burton film, which it was in my opinion. I thought the acting (and voice acting) was great, the look and style of it was beautiful and the story itself was pretty good.

I few things annoyed me here and there (the Dormouse was very annoying to me, as was the Mad Hatter when he started talking with a Scottish/Irish accent). Other than that though, I was very impressed. :D Couldn't have been happier with Stephen Fry's performance as Cheshire, and I thought everyone else did a very good job as well. :lol: I found the March Hare and the Gnave of Hearts hilarious. So yes, all in all I was very happy with the film. Like I said, it wasn't the best thing I've ever seen, but I never expected it to be.


I went longing to love it, but thinking I would be disappointed based on a few reviews. Thankfully I loved it and agree with Johnathan Ross when he praised it and said that film making technology has finally caught up with Tim Burtons imagination. Jonny Depp and Helena B Carter stole the show for me, give two performances that we full of witty oneliners and fantastc imagary.

My only niggle is again the effect 3d has on my enjoyment of the movie. The glasses irritate me and the grey lense dull the image to the degree that some of the fantastic detail is not visable. Having caught trailers in HD, I kinda think this will look better on Blu Ray, giving another chance to admire the detail and submerse myself in Tim Burtons wild imagination!

Great great film


Went to see it last night. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one, thinking of the clips I'd seen of it and being directed by Tim Burton. All I can say is that I got more than I expected, the effects are brilliant, and without given too much away a lot of the sizing and facial features must have been a nightmare to do. I would not of though that this was an easy film to make, even on the computer side of things. :o

Love the characters in this film, which also have a lot of high profile voices to go with them. This film is definitely worth seeing at the Cinema and a definite DVD purchase, and as we all know, we'll not have long to wait for that one..  :mrgreen:

Once again Johhny Depp played a masterpiece in his role as the Mad Hatter, he makes the character his own as he always does in any role he plays..  :D

If you are expecting unusual looking characters and scenery, then you'll be right at home watching this film, cannot be mistaken for anything but a Tim Burton film..  :wink:  =D>