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Started by lil-shawn, September 18, 2007, 12:22:55 PM

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hey folks

After i read the article from micage for a new attraction between
RNRC and Motors action stund show, i was thinking on an expansion
plan for the future!

Between The RNRC and motors action

they can expand with the New York Street

from the Disney MGM (now Hollywood) Studios, with shops and Restaurants. In one of the buildings there is a new show called Disney On Ice, based on disney classic movies like beauty and the beast, cinderella, snow white, sleeping beauty and so on...

On a side road there comes the new attraction Gangster Shoutout, based on the Touchstone production Dick Tracy, combining the technology of The Indiana Jones Adventure at California and Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast. The show building and facade has been themed as a huge factory complete with chimney's and bridges.

So how du you like the idea and what do u think about it??


Sounds good.
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I think it's an okay idea, but I don't think a New York street would fit the theme of the Backlot :?


A show would be nice although we already have show-like types of attractions like Animagique and Cinemagique... The ganster shootout attraction I always liked. Although the street set wouldn't suit the Backlot I think and we now already have a faux perspective Hollywood Boulevard...
Still, you are right; There is a lot of potential for this space, so... anyone any other ideas? Let your imagination flow!  :D
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The Butlin Boy

Nice idea :wink:


okay RnRCj and WDI1992 maybe youve right, at the moment the new york street set dosen´t fit into our backlot, but what is when they first change the look from backlot to an old new york factory place or something else??

so far as i can remember the look of the gangster shoutout is like a big factory but i´m not sure, i don´t think our new york street have to look like in the hollywood studios, it have to look diferen something unique...

i was thingking of something like these buildings...

for the musical or the ice show i was thinking of something like the old broadway from new york with the Herald building and other famous buildings from the theaters...

i hope you understand what i was thing about....


I'm totally, totally agreed with you on a New York set for Backlot! Personally, I can't think of anything better than a NY theme to give the place some character. The problem Backlot has is that it tries to be gritty and industrial, but just loses any kind of "place" or character in the process. An industrial NY set would still be gritty, but have a lot of character. I would have never thought of a small street set in that spot either, but it's possible.

Not so sure about the ice show... How about something linking into Enchanted? This movie looks like it'll be huge, and something for kids (and especially girls, not that I mean to be sexist) is really lacking in Backlot. Maybe a large "department" store, with some kind of window displays all around telling the Enchanted story? I'm thinking the Castle's gallery, but New York-style. :wink:


Wow, that could exactly really work, a Ney York setting for the backlot, would give it more of an own face!
I'm not sure about the Echanted part, it could work, but i think that we should wait and see if the movie is as nice as we think it will be. And well, if it those, then it would be a sure thing for that part!
The Disney on Ice show also isn't that strange of an idea. With the down weather most of the times here in Europe, it would surely fit in the atmosphere?
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I think they should move the studio tram tour and then they rebuild the london set, there already some beautiful buildings, some may stay destroyed for that gritty style.