Ratatouille invades Manhattan Restaurant (Has now retreated)

Started by Festival Disney, January 11, 2011, 08:07:24 PM

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captain rocket

Well, I hope I have some good news! I stayed at the New York last weekend and there was no sign of the rat in the manhattan restaurant! There were no pictures on the walls or the doors/windows, I could'nt even find any droppings! Unless you can only see the doors/windows dressing at night then they were most definitely clear, the other point is that there was no mention of the rat in the advertising in the hotel or the literature etc in the rooms and if this was a new piece of branding then it would surely be heavily advertised? Maybe Disney noticed the negative feedback and withdrew the plan? or maybe it was made over for some advertising/promotional campaign? What do you think?


That's good to hear.

In the morning I posted in the Ratatouille thread that Disney registered La Ratatouille as a trademark for a restaurant. At first I thought that it would be for the new restaurant at WDS, but I was also speculating that it could be for the Manhattan restuarant.


Seriously, if Disney are eventually going to build a proper Ratatouille restaurant at the Walt Disney Studios, then shouldn't it be the ONLY Ratatouille restaurant at the resort? Why confuse/dilute things by having a second Ratatouille restaurant over at the Hotel New York?


Grandmath from DCP has posted a picture of the Manhattan restaurant:

I'm really happy to see that all Ratatouille related stuff is gone!!

http://disneycentralplaza.englishboard. ... ant#944771


Fantastic! Maybe they had a secret meeting in there with investors for the Ratatouille attraction? :lol:


Oh thank God. They came to their senses.


Makes you wonder why on earth they done it in the first place?