Ratatouille: L'Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy

Started by The Butlin Boy, October 12, 2007, 10:19:28 PM

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The Butlin Boy

I found this on MiceChat:

Quote from: MiceChat[Rumor] - A Rat In Paris?
I was very interested to read this snippet in Al's latest MiceAge column:

The other ride originally proposed for the Paradise Pier remake was a roller coaster themed to Ratatouille. That one has been shelved for now. While the box office for Ratatouille was strong in North America, there wasn't much appetite for the merchandise with American consumers. It's thought now that the Ratatouille theme isn't lasting enough to dedicate a major attraction to in DCA, and an attraction for the northwest corner of Paradise Pier is undecided at this time. Ratatouille has done very well in Europe however, and the merchandise and toys are selling better in France than they did in America. With that, the Ratatouille attraction concept may very well be slotted in to the Walt Disney Studios park in Paris.

This comes only half an hour after I caught the following rumour over at Blue Sky Disney:

The park has seen a sizable increase in attendance for the 15th and this is a very, very good thing. Let's just say the Suits are happy and the Imagineers are eager to show what they can do to make this quarter-day park, a full day park. They're not in the approval phase yet, but several blue sky projects are underway... There are plans for at least two new "E" Tickets to be put in WDSP by the tenth anniversary if all goes well... you can bet that one of the proposals for an "E" Ticket ride involves a certain Parisian Rat as well. He's a big hit in the Gallic nation right now and the Mouse is keen on exploiting the Rat.

Interesting, n'est-ce pas? If a Ratatouille ride does appear in Paris, it's fair to assume that it won't be the re-themed version of Crush's Coaster we've been hearing about for a few months now. And this talk of an E-ticket has me intrigued. What could it possibly be? Anybody any guesses?

By the way, the rest of the Blue Sky article is well worth a read. The site is usually fairly reliable when it comes to inside information, and if even half of what he says is on the way to DLRP over the next ten years actually turns up, I'll be a very happy bunny! Catch it here:

So what do you think. I personally, although I haven't seen the film yet, have got my finger crossed for a Ratatouille dark ride or Toy Story Mania type ride as I think the studios lacks a dark ride and where better to put  Ratatouille ride than Paris <!-- s:) --> :) <!-- s:) -->


It's about as likely as that attraction between RNRC and Moteurs... Well, I guess it could happen. Anything can happen. But are they planning it? Hmmm...

Al Lutz' column seems basically like his mind went "No Ratatouille ride for DCA... hmm, why not for WDS, that's even in Paris!!"

And Blue Sky Disney is about as reliable as those pink shuttle buses for DLRP news. Notice these places for some reason never pick up on the real news such Crush, Cars, Woody's Roundup, Stitch Live when they're uncovered...

I'm not even sure what you could even base a Ratatouille ride on, but then I haven't seen the film yet either. :?


I quite like the idea, a ride thats ours based on a film set in Europe and it is Pixar which seems to be the way the Studio is going. I can see you climbing into a rat shaped car and then a Crush style coaster, dark ride through the kitchens then coaster style through the Paris sewers, Cool.
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I would like to see a dark ride in WDS, but not from Ratatoullie. I would love to have a Toy Story dark ride, but I do not think that this will happen. This dark ride thing is only a rumor I guess.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


I can't see this happening to be honest, They already said there won't be a new attraction coming in the next few years and if they did make it, i think they would be gambling weather the movie would be a big success or not.

Then again if the movie does become a success, some day it could come to WDS, but i doubt it.
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Ratatouille is already considered a success in Europe when it opened a couple of months ago.  It's up to the UK now to proof if they like it or not.


I am not too fussed about the ride being Ratatouille.  My kids haven't been captured yet with the publicity and I am unsure if it will in the UK.  I think a ride with Mickey and the Gang would be better......we will wait and see :shock:


I don't like rats. and I think many people have the same problem. But the movie is very good. Still my sympathies go for a mouse - Mickey Mouse. :)


I think a Ratatoullie ride may work as a 3-D show kinda a cross between philharmagic and its tough to be a bug with paris as a setting But think any ratatulie ride would really work at WDS
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Why another Pixar ride? Why can't they develop a Disney Classics ride? Or a Disney Live Action movie ride? It feels as if the whole world has gone Pixar mad!  :?


Quote from: "Atlantica"Why another Pixar ride? Why can't they develop a Disney Classics ride? Or a Disney Live Action movie ride? It feels as if the whole world has gone Pixar mad!  :?
DLRP haven't even announced anything yet!


I know they havnt, but the fact that there is a rumour around about another Pixar ride still illustrates my point.


After my friend and I saw the movie we thought a Ratatouille restaurant would be better than a ride for the park - there are some great opportunities for brilliant theming in the restaurant - it could be called 'La Ratatouille' as in the film and have either animatronic characters (like the Rainforest Cafe) or sculptures, even a sculpture of the rat's restaurant in the interior.


Quote from: "Atlantica"Why another Pixar ride? Why can't they develop a Disney Classics ride? Or a Disney Live Action movie ride? It feels as if the whole world has gone Pixar mad!  :?

Belonging just to the Disneyland Park, I totally agree with you. I mean - I really liked Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast when we first went on it in September. And I love the pictures of the new Woody's Roundup Village.

But it's still my opinion that those Pixar rides and attractions just don't belong to the classical, magical Disneyland Park. Maybe I'm oldfashioned or something, but I just think that the Disneyland Park should still be a tribute to Walt. There should be just rides and attractions with the "classical" Disney films - I mean, of course Ariel, Jasmine or Belle aren't created by Walt himself, but they continue his thoughts of the magic and are of handdrawn films.

I really like the Disney/Pixar films and I have a DVD of everyone of those films. I love Woody, Sully, Nemo & Co., but I just think that they fit more into the Studios Park - they fit there perfectly! What would the Studios be without Crush's Coaster or Cars, I can't imagine how they were without these great new attractions :)!
But the Disneyland Park is still the "romantic", magical, classical park for me and so I wouldn't like to have more computer animated movie-attractions in the DL park...

So beside the many words ;): I'd have nothing against Disney/Pixar attractions in the Studios, I think they really fit in there very well. But they should let the DL park stay more in his "old style" rather than creating more new com. anim. attractions in there...
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Amen Nala, exact same feeling for me. Pixar fits exactly into WDS and let de main parcs be as Walts dreams.
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