River Rapids in Adventureland?

Started by Barnsey313, September 30, 2007, 09:03:44 PM

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I think there would be ample space in adventure land for a river rapids and i think it would be a great addition to the Disneyland park as Disney seem to be concentrating on WDS park.

^The site just behind Indiana Jones would be perfect and I think it would prove to be a very popular attraction for evyone who visited and would increase traffic to this slightly remote area of the park.


Its so weird i was just thinking that this would be a good addition to either frontier or adventure land!


It would be intresting to see how they would theme it in Frontierland

The Butlin Boy

Good idea, it could DLP version of Jungle Cruise :wink:  :lol:


A waterride is an edition in the curriculum and Adventureland would be a nice location, could use something new... so yes, depending on the general theme, decoration and location, a River-type waterride would be nice in Adventureland I think...   :wink:
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Themed around the Emperors New Groove would be cool and fit in with Adventureland


Sounds like a good idea :)
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Sounds great!  I think any kind of water ride (raft, flume,... ) would be more then welcome.


Any ride which is going to be closed for perhaps up to 3 months because of weather conditions is a bad idea.There are so many other attractions we need more at the moment (Soarin,Mickeys PhilharMagic,our old Litle Mermaid concept to name but a few)


Great idea, Shall it be a Jungle theme? (Lion King, Jungle Book & Tarzan etc.)
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Quote from: "britincgn"we need more at the moment (Soarin,Mickeys PhilharMagic,our old Litle Mermaid concept to name but a few)

I think some new rides that are not in any of the other parks would be better than cloning them from other disney parks.


Quote from: "britincgn"Any ride which is going to be closed for perhaps up to 3 months because of weather conditions is a bad idea.

Why would they close it  :shock:
I worked at Thorpe Park and they Never closed their rapids down unless it broke down. Infact I think the only time they shut it down was during the summer because the water level from the lake was too low!

Believe me just because its a water ride it wont stop people going on it because of bad weather. *remembers people going on Tidal wave in Thorpe on cold rainy days*

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A River Rapids ride was once considered for DLRP upon desiging the Disneyland Park.  It was a concept by Tony Baxter himself in the '70s that he had designed for the original Disneyland.  I forgot the name but it had something to do with dinosaurs who survived in a dormant volcano.


I like the idea of a rapids ride :) DLRP needs more water rides! :P


I think a rapids ride in Adventureland would be awesomes. Maybe something which is themed to a jungle would be coolios, especially using the Jungle Book characters, that would be nice.
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