What's your favourite ride?

Started by thekirtley, September 28, 2007, 04:49:15 PM

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:bump:  I just wanted to get this topic going again, :P I think my second favourite would be a tie between Crush's Coaster and Indiana Jones and The Temple of Peril
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Quote from: "CJinWonderland"big thunder mountain for sure  :)

exactly! :)

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Another vote for Big Thunder Mountain. Although I love the Tower of Terror and Pirates of the Caribbean as well, there's just something special about Frontierland's finest!


This is such a hard call, but it is a 3 way tie:  Phantom Manor, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Tower of Terror.
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i never visited terror of tower, i'm very afraid of it :D
is it only free fall? or is there something else to see?

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Quote from: "Mrs. Jennes"i never visited terror of tower, i'm very afraid of it :D
is it only free fall? or is there something else to see?

Well the main part of the attraction is of course the free fall part, but there is so much more to the ToT.

Firstly there's the massive amount of theming, from the moment you enter the lobby you'll be taken back from it.  Then you move on to the Library room, which is kinda similar to the Phantom Manor streach room as it is a pre-show.  Again there is plenty of theming in here too, as well as a very enjoyable pre-ride video.  There's one more thing you queue through before the big drop, which is the greatly themed boiler room.  Look out for many Twilight Zone references throughout the queue.  Also, in the actual ride part it isn't just you go up, you drop.  There is a little more to it with the story, but let's not spoil it ;)

Anyway, if you want to see the inside of the ride but not the actual ride, you can always tell a CM before you enter the liftshaft and they'll direct you to the "chicken exit".
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Let's put it this way - Tot has more in common with PM and PotC than a thrill ride. even if the drops weren't there, it would be one of mu favorites. It does have a fairly strong story and some great special effects.
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Mine is definely the TOT


Definitely ToT and PoTC, the athmospheres really get to me.


i absolutely love space mountain mission 2 and the tower of terror i can't decide be between both...
here are also pictures from me on both rides (i'm the blonde one) :wink:


Quote from: "PetiteSirene"Not been to the studios so I must would say Space Mountain, and just coz it annoys my Fiance Its a small world!

That will change next year when we go, probably to ToT but we will have to see  :D

No offence PetiteSirene , but how many times have you been to DLP ?
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Petite Sirene is a good friend of mine and she has been a lot of times - she is going to be there again in September! and she has now been on the TOT loads of times and loves that. Not wanting to speak for her but SMM2 is her fave as thats the ride her now husband used to work on when he was a cast member  :D


in order:
pirates of the caribbean
haunted mansion
peter pan's flight



My favourites have to be Dumbo and Pirates of the Caribbean. x
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My TOP 3 is:
Pirates of the Caribbean
It's a Small World
Big Thunder Mountain

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