Extra Magic Hours at the Studios in Nov/Dec 2009!

Started by winniepooh1208, October 27, 2009, 10:43:37 AM

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Crush will always have an enormous queue, but maybe for the ToT or the RnRC it would be nice.

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It will be easy to ride Crush without a queue. Just be there at 8am. As they open the park and Crush at the same time there will be no queue.


Agreed, this will probably be THE time to ride crush.
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True. It's more likely that there isn't a queue before the gates already at 8.


I so hope that they decide to extend this, it's a great idea, especially considering the queues for Crush (I may be a tad bias though as it is my favourite attraction!)

I would feel sorry for all the "normal" guests having potentially longer waiting times for these rides during the morning hours.
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