Pin Trading: Disneyland Paris Monthly New Pins

Started by Anthony, October 30, 2009, 10:53:26 PM

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Not much this month which is a shame.
But the attraction pins are good as usual.
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hi i want to order my wife some pins from the disneyland paris by mail order and i have the email address already, what do i do now?


May releases:

More Princess pins, Sheriff star and Dreams! :D
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(I hope this isn't doubleposting? It's been more than a month...)
June releases:

A few Rapunzel pins and Monsters University :)
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These are the December 2013 releases.

*gets on knees* will anybody be there December 21st, and can pick up 2x Frozen & 2x New Year 2014 pins for me and my friend at Pueblo's?

*pretty please ...*

polar vixen

I've heard a little about Disney mailorder, I've really wanted the princess locket pins which have been released over the last few months, but we can't afford to go each month!  We were there the week after one of them was released in September, but they'd sold out on release weekend!  Can these pins be ordered direct on their week of release?  (I've tried ebay, they've quadroupled in value!)


February pins! The Eiffel pins look cute. And I'm looking forward for more Dreams! pins.
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Read the review on Dedicated to DLP and I gotta admit I am disappointed this month, Disney Channel - Why? No point! Going during Halloween Festival so hope for October 2014 pin releases there is a pin of the tower of terror being struck lightning.


June releases!

It's getting-ready-for-Ratatouille month! That Snow White pin does look beautiful, though. I'm planning on buying it on my next visit.
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Wow this topic hasn't been alive for a while! Let's change that - releases for May 2019:

I like the Jungle Book pins  ;)


I just started collecting pins ,this way i can check what's new.
Thanks Anthony.


Has anyone been to one of the pin trading days or evenings? I have seen videos online of people going and it just looks a mass of people with not much organisation, lol. So I have been put off going.



A Princess Disnae......

Is there any other way of getting these pins if not there on pin trading days? Thanks as always. X
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