12-17th October 2006, Day 3 - Lots of Pictures!

Started by madzilla, September 15, 2007, 09:45:38 PM

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Day 3 – Saturday 14th October 2006

It was still dark when we woke up the next morning, and felt hideously early. Not early enough, though, as I discovered later, but we learnt from that for the next day. We ended up getting into the park for about 8.30 with GMF – would have been earlier but for my friend's morning routine (and they say women spend ages in the bathroom! :lol:). Had a very nice breakfast at Au Chalet du Marionette as usual, then headed out into the park. It was already pretty busy by this time (about 9.15) which surprised me.

Big Thunder Mountain had been closed so far, but today was the day they were supposed to be re-opening it. But no sooner had we reached it than my friend tells me he doesn't want to ride it, as he's just eaten! Fair enough, I said, so we grabbed fastpasses  for about 12.30 and wandered off to ride Phantom Manor again (lots of detail my friend wanted to see again).

We pretty much walked on. We then had a quick go on the Rustler Roundup Shooting Gallery. My friend was scarily good.

We decided to head across to Discoveryland as we hadn't been there yet, only to find it completely mobbed.

It was impossible to move. We surmised that this massive increase in people since yesterday must be due to the weekend day-trippers, and fled the lunacy for Adventureland.

We stopped off at the Adventure Isle bridge, which is an excellent point to see if Jack Sparrow is in his photo point, incidentally (he wasn't). Since we were there and the queue wasn't too mad yet, we rode POTC again and in the shop I bought a big, glittery skull and crossbones ring. My friend also bought me a little toy flintlock pistol, saying I couldn't be an honorary pirate without one. :)

Some on-ride POTC pictures:

We headed back to Frontierland as it was time for our BTM fastpass, only to find the ride was being closed when we got back. Guess they hadn't quite finished their maintenance.

My friend very kindly came with me to check if Jack was there again (he wasn't). We then sat on the little raised photo area in front of POTC for a while, marvelling at the crowds. The queue was now actually outside the attraction, which – if you know the layout of the queueing area – is very, very long indeed. Right through all the caves, and right the way outside. Madness!

We were feeling a bit sluggish so went for a hotdog at a little snack station in Adventureland. Felt much better after that so headed for Star Tours, which we'd been keen to ride.

The queues had calmed by this time so we went straight on rather than getting a fastpass. We only queued for about 15-20 mins, as opposed to the sign's estimated 40 mins, which was nice. Excellent ride as usual, my friend loved it.

We decided to head back to the hotel after this, as it was mid-afternoon and we were getting a bit tired. Because it was the weekend the park was open an hour later so we planned to head back later on for a few hours.

On the way out we stopped off in a few shops, including the glass and collectibles shop on Main St, where we watched a glassblower called Jean-Marie making gorgeous glass roses out of only glass straws at the front of the shop. Amazing stuff!

Then it was back to the hotel (on this bus this time – we did enjoy the walk, but it's the same every time – get a few days into the trip and suddenly the bus seems a lot more appealing), and a bit of a laze. When you have a long day like that and you're staying at a resort hotel, you can afford to take a little break mid-afternoon.

After we'd perked up a bit we headed back in, arriving about 6.30, and – of course – rode POTC again now the queues were down. And I DIDN'T go in the shop this time. ;) (No sign of Jack.)

We then headed into Fantasyland, which I felt we'd neglected a bit, and rode the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups, which really is gorgeous at night. It's all pastel during the day, but at night all the lanterns are lit in bright colours and it's lovely.

Staggered off that just as they announced the park was closing. Felt in dire need of some sugar and a drink as I hadn't really eaten much all day, so dashed into La Confiserie de Trois Fees for a little bar of chocolate and a bottle of water, which I downed in one, and felt much better. We left the park – it was great to be able to see it all when it was properly dark – and headed for Disney Village.

We had about an hour to kill before we needed to turn up for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, which we had booked for that night, so we split up for a bit – my friend went to Billy Bob's to watch the line dancing and live music and I wandered off to the shops for a bit, to look at some clothes and various bits and bobs. There is so much in the Disney Store alone that you could spend hours in there. I did buy 2 little POTC figurines that I didn't already have.

We met up by the pink Cadillac about 9ish and headed into Buffalo Bill's, where we were 'sorted' into our Ranches – Blue Moon this time for us! Which means Green Mountain is the only ranch I haven't been in yet. But yes, we had a great time, cheered on our ranch (we won 2 of the rough rider games!), had a tasty dinner (the dessert – apple crumble and ice cream - was particularly nice, as was the chilli) and generally had a blast. The games were very exciting, including one terrifying moment when both a rider and his horse fell. (They were both fine. :)) We had great seats – right in the very back row, against the wall, which meant we could see everything. Some fantastic cheating going on during the medicine ball pass – we loved it. :) Red River eventually were the victors and so got the chance to ride the Deadwood Stage, but as everyone got some gold coins, no one really minded. :D

When we came out it was pretty late, so it was back to the hotel – my friend went to the saloon to listen to the band again and I did my usual shower/chill out/listen to music/write up day's events. The next day was another Good Morning Fantasyland, and so we'd be ready for getting into the park before 9 I'd set the alarm for even earlier, so it was straight off to sleep.

To be continued...


The last Mad Hatter's Teacups picture is excellent! :wink: In fact, all your pictures are exceelent. I really enjoy looking at them :D


Yes all your photos are great and I loved the same one as mentioned above.  :wink:
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


Brilliant pictures madzilla, I like the Mad Hatter's Teacups ceiling lights aswell.