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Started by Anthony, April 10, 2005, 11:55:52 PM

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Aw Clara! Lucky thing :D

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RNRC (me and my sister in the back & I have the jack skellington hoodie)
TOT me and my sister, middle row, very left i'm by the end and sam is next to me)

TOT, just the same zoomed in on me and sam

POTC, middle row, me in the middle, luke to the left (will explain in trip report) and sam to the right

Space mountian, sam at the back, me wih my jack skellington hoodie and luke next to me (will explain)

BTM, me and luke     :D/
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We're the 3 boys attempting a pirate pose...


hehe =] piccy of me, my sister, mum and aunty (the 4 in the 2 front rows not that you can see us very well :oops: ) on BTM during our first trip to DLRP back in 2001, the date on the photo says its from the 17/3/2001 =]

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Even though its not me... I love this onride from Tower of Terror in California...


Look at the boy in the red circle!!!!! I am at the first row with my older daughter and behind us are our friends with their son!!! Screamy isn't is????
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Quote from: "sebassah"Even though its not me... I love this onride from Tower of Terror in California...
That really made me laugh!!! Now I REALLY dont want to go on ToT :lol:
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Well, only twice on my latest trip I continued me and my friends tradtion from the summer of makin silly on-ride-photos in protest to the crazy prices. Both times on Big Thunder Mountain and it was even the same uncreative and obvious winter prank, but here you go :-)

@Sebassah: that photo is crazy!?! :lol: I wonder how they succeeded in opening the seat belt while riding - I would think it was locked and I am sure the CM wouldn't allow the elevator to begin without all green lights turned on in the front of the elevator :P But funny it is and it seems quite intended by the four guys :lol:

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Such cool pics throughout this thread!

I am totally annoyed by my on-ride photos, lol, my family and friends laugh at me because they say I only have one expression on all rides "smile... here goes:

Space Mountain, me bottom right of pic:

Space Mountain again, me bottom left of pic:

Pirates of the Caribbean, me in the middle waving:

Rock 'n' RollerCoaster, me bottom right of pic...

Never really bothered with a Big Thunder photo, not sure why though.

Rachel x
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why won't these photos load on my computer  :'( :'( :'( :'(
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Quote from: DisneyM79 on February 01, 2016, 09:42:24 PM
why won't these photos load on my computer  :'( :'( :'( :'(
I see that the last post before you is from 2011. Due to the change in the forum software a while back, photos that was put up here before the change isn't going to be shown unless each post it mannually changed. So photos added before the change isn't gonna be shown anymore.
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First ride of the holiday- SPACE MOUNTAIN!