Your On-Ride Photos

Started by Anthony, April 10, 2005, 11:55:52 PM

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Post your on-ride photos from DLRP here!

Since I've not scanned any of mine in yet, let's start with the most up-to-date one...

Now, post yours!  The one with the best facial expression wins....

...nothing!  :lol:


Lol, I never buy the ones with me putting up a funny face.  :lol:

I'd love to see scary faces of fellow forum members in the Rock 'n Roller coaster.  :lol:

PS. That's me on the front row, on the right on the picture that Baloo poster...  :wink:


Me? With a scared face on RNRC?!  I think not...  8)

I have got a photo of me on RNRC somewhere I think, but it's in my sisters room and she's away for a few days so I don't really want to go looking for it in there...  :wink:

For now, here's a photo of our group from December 2004 on Pirates of the Caribbean.  I look so immensely happy because we'd just queued for 45mins on December 29th (don't ask us why - we'd done POTC in the morning with a 2min queue!) and then got in the front two rows!

From left to right...
Front row: me - uncle - cousin
Second row: aunt - sister - mum - dad

Was a very fun ride, and it's funny to see how scared my uncle looks, whereas my sister is trying to rival me in the "cheesy-ness" levels.  :lol:


Here is mine taken on saturday on MissionII:

i'm in the blue shirt on the front row blowing a kiss  :P , next to me is Campania who works at Casey Jr with our mascot, the white rabbit Bonduelle, star of the french board Disney central Plaza :D
Hug it out bitch !


Here we are again, on the very last train to the moon, on the last row... (I told this story many, many times already  :P )


I like this picture very much, because there's Pluto added to the photo which looks funny!
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


Click here for photo

Br'er Bear asked me to post
 so i did with a little help thanks Paddy  :D
Trouble? No way. You\'re only in
trouble if you get caught  --------
----- I\'m in trouble!


I want to do this ride!!!!! ;-)


Please say thanks to Brer Bear for this picture!


:P Me on the Dumbo ride...

And on the space rocket ride near Space Mountain!

XP I'm too cheap to pay for the expensive roller coaster pics, even though roller coasters are my faves!


I went on space Mountain yesterday and decided, well since i don't have an on ride of it, why not get one, so here I am looking well dodgy :lol: , oh I mean i am soooo scared :wink: .  The annoying girl beside me is my sister and an odd guy sitting in front looking like he is enjoying it :lol: .


Cooool finall, tnx!  :D  :lol:


LOL!!! That man in front of you! LOL!!!!!  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:
I'm glad i still looked a bit "normal" on the picture!  :wink: (not worth buying it though)



I'm the one on the left by the way  :roll:


me on big thunder mountain

i'm the first girl, with black and white gloves.