Theme for a new Disney Hotel?

Started by Kristof, August 07, 2007, 02:03:02 PM

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As you all know, there's still room for one more Disney Hotel between Disney Village and Newport Bayclub (near the old DV parkinglot).  

What theme would you like to see?


I don't think this area is born for a new Hotel, because the rooms with views to Disney Village would be too loud in the night. Anyway: A new hotel would be great.


I would like to see a fun hotel like the All stars in florida
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Maybe the Hollywood Hotel from Hong Kong Disneyland. As we have a movie themed park in the resort.


Quote from: "Parkfisch"I don't think this area is born for a new Hotel, because the rooms with views to Disney Village would be too loud in the night. Anyway: A new hotel would be great.

The question is: what theme would you like to see.  It's not a discussion whether it should be build there.  But to respond to your remark: a Disney Hotel was according to the original masterplan supposed to go there as part of the hotel expansion program.  A business hotel was also planned for the area behind what's now the Vinci Parkinglot.


New Orleans!!



I would like to see, A kind of Boardwalk Inn hotel just like the one in WDW or something romantic like de port orleans french Quarter or port orleans riverside. I prefer Defently the Port Orleans French Quater it would beautiful blend inn. Because Orleans was always a city where the party kept going!

And I just love that kind of style hotel :D
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A pirates hotel!!!  :D


I´d love to see WDWs Polynesian resort including Monorail, with a monorail expansion to all disney hotels. :shock:

As this is highly unlikely, my second wish is Port Orleans or Dixie Landings (no for me it´s not Port Orleans Riverside) as a DVC.

I´d spend  real big money for that one to get at least 400 points a year.
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I would love to see a hotel based on the disney characters or the town in POTC (Tortuga)

Come to think of it, it could be quite cool to theme it on DLRP itself, you could have one section made to look like a smaller version of the castle,then another on BTM, PM, SM, etc :wink:


Every hotel has an american connection so I think Hawaian or Caribbean theme will be perfect, with a little bit of Lilo & Stitch for the first and a little bit of pirates for the second. New Orleans is good too but something new would be better, not just a copy of the WDW hotel.


I hope they continue with the American theme when/if they build another in this area near Lake Disney, just to complete the area. The area beyond Sequoia Lodge (near Lava Lagoon site) could be for more distant themes?

Thinking of possible US themes, my adventurous mind can come up with:

- Hollywood
- New Orleans - French Quarter
- Florida (kinda done with DLH?)
- Contemporary (lol, imagine that!)
- Paradise Pier
- Boardwalk (kinda done with NBC?)
- American Waterfront
- Chicago (?)
- Route 66 (or is that Sanfa Fe?)

Anyone got more?

A more industrial "American Waterfront"-style hotel might be quite cool, especially spanning between Newport Bay Club and New York.

New Orleans would be a strong theme and very popular I think, also good if they used the theme for a new section of Disney Village at the same time, since you often associate the theme with entertainment and dining. And isn't the Princess and Frog film based there too? Nice tie-in..


Boardwalk without doubt.

The resort at WDW is great, as you say Baloo, similar to NPB, but also offers entertainment, so would be a fantastic natural progression of the village. :lol:


Pirates Hotel  :)


what about an art deco Miami Beach type Hotel, or is that covered by NewYork?

I just got inspired by thinking of Vice City & Scarface - not very disney i know!