Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (8th April 2006)

Started by Anthony, March 14, 2005, 12:46:08 AM

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Well now it has been seen the colour scheme, and i for one will need a long time to get used to this one :wink: .  The whole lime green does not fit well with Discoveryland, but this is just Constellations, maybe it may look a bit different at the other section.  Still the only section of this that looks OK with the whole bronze theme in Discoveryland is obviously the little section of bronze painted on it.  Though this is just my view, sure some people must like it, I jst feel this does not fit in well with the whole vernes theme, since Verne did not imagine stupid Buzz and his little green men now did he :lol: .

(Picture from Joel's Photo Hunt)


This colour scheme has surprised me.  I don't know what I was expecting, but it wasn't this!

It's very modern, very Buzz Lightyear, very Tomorrowland... but it works!  I've yet to see a photo of the new Constellations colours with "old Discoveryland" in the background, but I'd imagine the colours would actually work rather well together.  The green they've chosen is fantastic - so much better than the awful lime green of the other parks.  The purple will also fit nicely with the newly introduced blue on Videopolis, and it's interesting that even though these colours seem so new and modern, they're actually already in Discoveryland: the green neons on Space Mountain and the purple neons on Autopia!  The green and purple were also featured a lot in the original concepts for Discoveryland, whilst the gold has always been a part of the land, and makes all the colours there look so much more classy!

...yep!  They've passed the test!  I REALLY can't wait for this attraction now, I think it will help Disneyland Park a lot more than we might have thought.  It might not get millions more people through the gates, but it'll improve guest satisfaction no end.

I hope all DLR/WDW/TDL fans enjoy comparing our far-better-looking attraction building to theirs...  :twisted:


More of the building has now been uncovered, this time it's part of the actual Visionarium part, so I think we pretty much know all of the colour scheme for the rest of the building now.

(photos by: Joel)

The excellent new DLP-Reisgids video report gives you a quick look at how the colours look next to those of Orbitron and SM:M2, and they don't look as bad I thought they might.  The old colours of LeVis actually blended in a bit too well and didn't attract people to the building.  These bright, but still Discoveryland-ish, colours should definately make sure no-one misses the ride!

Here's a few thoughts to leave you with...

The outside of our ride is very different to other resorts - do you think the inside will be changed as well?  It wouldn't be hard to change a few colours so that it fits in better.  

Also, will they use the same music?  The DLR music is totally wrong for our land, and is a bit too cheesy and slow for "Laser Blast".  Since our ride has a harsher and more action-orientated name and colour scheme, will they change the music to be faster and more exciting too?  I actually think something like Giacchino's score for SM:M2 might fit well, if you just throw a few Toy Story songs into the mix.  In fact, the new DLR Space Mountain music would be perfect...

OK, that's enough random thoughts for now!


The entrance area of Discoveryland has now been completely cornered off with construction fences.  A very narrow passageway allows access to the land, with signs up on the fences to make sure guests realise the land isn't closed.

The work they are doing is heavily rumoured (but not confirmed) to involve new flooring with a "purple comet" mosaic, as has apparently been planned for the area since even before the opening of the park.

Here are the photos, thanks to Joel:

From Videopolis to Buzz:

From Central Plaza to Discoveryland:

Discoveryland entrance fence:

Discoveryland temporary sign:

It's interesting to see in those photos that they actually made an effort with the sign this time!  A nice Discoveryland-style background and the correct font - DLRP are learning.  :D

Also, I never realised before that the green of the Buzz building actually matches with the remaining green/turquoise parts of Videopolis, which is good.

Oh, and don't you wish they'd replace those stupid stand-up tables outside Videopolis with more proper tables?  I never see anyone actually using the stand-up ones, they always look so tacky and cheap (and dirty).


More photos again now, this time from :

Almost the whole of the top of the building has now been uncovered!

They're still working on it though...

The main part of the building is still under wraps for now...

Finally! A look at how it looks up against SM and Orbitron!  Looks excellent to me, better even than Le Vis did!

Seems like they're only just getting started on the ground outside the entrance.  Notice the bare brick wall in the background - still a long way to go!

And finally, a view through the Discoveryland entrance construction fences...


I can't wait to see more photos!  :D Feel free to discuss anything I've posted - whether you love it, hate it, or don't really have an opinion yet.  I don't want this topic to just have every post by me!  :lol:


I hate the grey/white part... And the green reminds me too much of those green construction walls.  :x  

I'll get our pictures up in a few minutes!


Quote from: "raptor1982"I hate the grey/white part... And the green reminds me too much of those green construction walls.  :x  
Sorry to hear you don't like it - it does seem to be 50/50 chance whether people like it or hate it...

Looking forward to the photos, anyway!  :D


Here they are:


Trip pictures: ... /index.php


Thanks for the photos, as always!

The green looks different now than in Joel's photos - I guess the lighting is just different.  In your photos, it matches the "Discoveryland turquoise" much better, but I actually prefer it where it looks darker in Joel's photos above.  I'm sure I'll get used to the proper colour though, it's nowhere near as bad as the colour schemes in other resorts is it?  Not a spot of lime green in sight...  :D

It's great to see they're taking such good care of things like floor mosaics too - this really is the season of new flooring!  :lol:


More photos already!

These ones were taken from on-board Orbitron:

 :arrow: //

 :arrow: //

 :arrow: //

 :arrow: //

(photos by: TimaK, Disney Magic City Hall forum)

Something I didn't know was happening is that they've expanded the building outwards so that it takes up all that space underneath the old exterior canopy (except for a bit by Constellations).  I guess this will probably be part of the queue line.

They've dug up the ground but left it lying around and the Le Vis poster is *still* partly there.  I hope they start finishing up the exterior soon.  It'd be good if they finished the outside of it so that the walls could come down by Christmas, which would build up some anticipation for the ride whilst easing guest flow and improving guest satisfaction.  I'm doubtful this would happen though.

Oh, one fnal point - those support columns for the canopy part are... interesting.  :? I wonder if they're going to be covered over at all?


Concept art of the facade:

Ride overview:

Source: M!ke on dlrpmagazine board


I didn't expect them to show things like this at the Disney Celebration event!  :D

And thanks to dj freak also on dlrpmagazine forum, here's a clearer version of the top one:

It looks... interesting... shall we say?  It could work well, or it could just be too much of an overload.  I'm disappointed that the rest of the exterior work they're doing won't be quite so in keeping with that area of Discoveryland, but I'm hoping they know what they're doing.  Space Mountain Mission 2 worked out fine in the end and many thought it would be the end of the world, so I'll wait and see...

I think I would actually really like the plan if they'd change the main logo there - it looks slightly rubbish, to put it lightly.  If I remember correctly the SM:M2 entrance archway was changed a bit after they made the original plans too, so we could be in luck!

As for the ride plan though, it's very short, isn't it?  Is that the same length as in other Disney parks or not?  I can only see the ride lasting about 2-3mins, if that...


Here are some images from the video preview they showed for the attraction:




(photos by "djfreak" on dlrp magazine forum)

I really like the different version of the attraction logo in the second to last photo...


Here are two videos of the Buzz trailer which was shown during last weekend's "Disney Celebration" event:

Video 1 [21Mb]

That trailer is so cool!  I'm so impressed with how professional the trailers they're showing are.  They're some of the best I've seen from DLRP and absolutely 100% ready to be shown for real!

Video 2 [52Mb]

Many many many (etc.) thanks to Kyoto for putting these videos online for people on various forums.  The event actually looks VERY cool.  The commentary heard by an Imagineer in these videos (check the ToT and Toon Studios topics for more) is pretty good.

Edit: The Fastpass machines will be themed to batteries!  (they're on the right hand side of the entrance on the concept art)


It seems they want to really make sure this ride appeals to the French public, so they'll be calling it "Buzz L'Éclair: Bataille Laser" in all French publicity.  The official attraction name in-park will still be "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast" as far as I know though.

Here's the logo:  (from a preview JPG with incorrect colours because the actual EPS logo file has an error)