Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (8th April 2006)

Started by Anthony, March 14, 2005, 12:46:08 AM

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This really is going fast, wow I hope it fits in and not an annoying colour like lime green or blue :lol: .


Quote from: "PATMAGIC"This really is going fast, wow I hope it fits in and not an annoying colour like lime green or blue :lol: .
I'm actually feeling really REALLY confident now that they won't mess up with the colours.  They just did some lovely repainting in Discoveryland last year, so I'm confident they won't mess it up now.  I think it could still almost certainly be the same horiffic colours on the inside, though, but I don't think that'll really bother me personally.

Thanks to Mickey on DLRP Magazine (rather obvious, but I thought I should say it anyway), here are the latest photos, including photos of the work which has now started on Constellations:

 :arrow: //
 :arrow: //
 :arrow: //
 :arrow: //
 :arrow: //
 :arrow: //

I wonder if it'll be finished by July 16th?  I would have expected them to not want all that up on the Constellations section by then at least, the Visionarium bit isn't quite so noticeable...


Well that all seems noticable to me :lol: , one more thing I want to know, why is the wonderful Le Visionarium poster still standing, that doesn't make much sense shouldn't thaty be down by now, suppose noone cares that it still stands, and will get ripped out just before they open Buzz and replace with new one I suppose.  I do so much hope some of the scaffolding at Constellations has gone by the time I am in the park in August otherwise it's gonna block my photo oppertunity view of Space Mountain and Obitron :lol: .


Quote from: "PATMAGIC"I do so much hope some of the scaffolding at Constellations has gone by the time I am in the park in August otherwise it's gonna block my photo oppertunity view of Space Mountain and Obitron :lol: .

Yeah, this is why I meant that this section is more "noticeable", though you're right that it is pretty much all VERY noticeable.

It's a good sign that work is now very much in full swing, for a while it didn't seem like much was going on, but now we can be sure of Buzz arriving on time in 2006 I think.  :D Personally, I can't wait!  After riding my first interactive dark ride at Alton Towers a few weeks ago I've been getting more and more excited about it, especially since Alton's "Duel" is apparently rather poor (to put it politely) compared to Buzz.  :lol:

Is anyone else starting to get excited about Buzz?  I think it's probably the least exciting of all the new attractions and many people have overlooked it, but I think it has the possibility to have one of the best effects on the resort.  It's in Disneyland Park for a start, and it also features Buzz... it's going to be huge, even though it doesn't seem like it right now!


Oh yes, I'm looking forward to all the new rides!  When you're a regular visitor (at least once a month), anything new is welcome!


Constellations is now in rehab too!  Picture from DLRPMagazine:


Legal Guidelines!

If you're still reading and haven't immediately fallen asleep through boredom or just pressed the "back" button, then they've just been released today for Buzz, and although you might think they sound like the most boring thing ever, they're actually quite interesting.  They go into detail about how to use the Pixar characters, and even say Pixar are "very touchy" about the use of the "Little Green Men"!  :lol:

Here they are:

Legal Guidelines

This is to confirm the general communication guidelines with regard to Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast.

Notwithstanding these general guidelines, all communication material (text, trailers, footage, whether written or audiovisual) on Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (or more generally referring to Pixar characters) should be submitted to Cedric Barthelemy (or alternatively Sophie Matelot) for specific validation by Pixar.

These guidelines apply to all communication using Pixar intellectual property, whether press, promotional, advertising and on all communication material (paper, PLV, audiovisual, Internet ...).

1. Pixar and Disney should, in all communication be equally co-branded

The appropriate co-branding for communication on Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is : "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is inspired by the Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film, Toy Story 2" (or the same as translated in the relevant languages).

Please note that you may use the header "The new attraction Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast" (or similar) without the co-branding in the header, specifically in press communication, provided however the co-branding line appears in the text of the relevant article/communication material.

2. Pixar characters should not be isolated from their world

Pixar do not want their characters used as background art, without mention of the film from which they originally came or without mention of the theme park attraction or entertainment show which may feature the characters.

More generally, Pixar characters can not be used as spokespersons for the theme park or Resort.

We therefore cannot associate directly Buzz Lightyear with Disney characters or generally Disney intellectual property elements when presenting the new attraction, its opening, in making-of topics, etc...

Furthermore, any use of Buzz Lightyear walk around character, in particular in relation to press events for the opening of the attraction, whether on site or off site, will need to be closely linked to the attraction and more generally to the Toy Story 2 world.

Buzz Lightyear can however be associated to other characters of his own world, such as Zurg or the little green men, it being specified that Pixar are very touchy on the pause of the green men (you must rely on the style guide).

3. Key visuals / Audiovisual communication

Key visuals have been discussed with our colleagues. All audiovisual advertising material will also need to be submitted to Pixar, from the initial script to the final version, including approval of the roughs and all intermediary steps. Visuals should finally always show Buzz Lightyear as close as possible to what he looks like in the film (3 dimension and in a pose he actually has/would have).

4. Tie-in promotions

Tie-in promotions with our Official Participants are fine, provided the above requirements are complied with and provided Pixar review the promotions and communication material. For these types of approvals, our colleagues in Burbank suggest that one person from Corporate Alliances be put in direct contact with Pixar for all required validations, and that Disneyland Resort Paris legal be copied on all exchanges in order to intervene if needed.

This process will be implemented shortly with regard to the tie-in promotions currently in negotiation and should be followed for all future tie-in promotions on this attraction.

Interesting, eh?  So basically pretty much everything has to be okayed by Pixar before it can be used, and the final name of the attraction is looking even more likely to simply be "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast", not "Lightyear's".  Partners and travel agents advertising the resort are going to get bored of that "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is inspired by the Walt Disney Pictures presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios film, Toy Story 2" line though, aren't they?  :lol:


Makes you wonder why Disney still wants to renew it's contract with Pixar.  :lol:


Pixar seem to really hate Disney don't they to force them to get all that permission, makes you wonder is this the reason for Toon Studios not being constructed yet since not all permission has been given :lol: .  They seem a bit overly obsessed, I mean yes sure you want to make sure it is copywritten, isn't this a bit too much though? :wink:


Here it is!

The logo:

Although when you look at the EPS, it looks more like this: (greener)
(I changed the colour of the text slightly to make it a bit greener - when you save the file it loses the correct colour due to compression or whatever)...

Your thoughts?

At first I thought it was a pin, but it is indeed the final logo for the attraction.

Personally, my first impressions are that I hope they "do a SM:M2" and have different logos for the publicity and the attraction itself...


Mmm... not sure about that colour...  :-k


Yeah, the crazy purple and yellow/green is what has made me think that they might use a different logo for the attraction itself...  Purple could fit in with Discoveryland, but yellow/green isn't too good.  And the two of them together...  :shock:

I wasn't sure about the actual colours of the logo at first though.  In the preview on Extraordinet it looks blue and green, but really it seems to be purple and yellow/green, when you open it in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Here's the alternate version:

I think it looks a bit better!  :lol:

Both Illustrator and Photoshop are showing the colour in the logo as purple for me though...  :?  Seems to be a colour conversion problem with the logo, which isn't a good start - I wonder which is the actual proper colour?


The EPS we downloaded has the same result as you Baloo...  :?


The logo looks very nice i have to say! I don't find those colors weird! Those colors are in Buzz Lightyears space suit aren't they? I like it more in purple/green than in blue/green...........sorry! Much more cheerfull. :wink:


According to the latest rumours, the exterior of the building will incorperate a Buzz meet n greet, like the Incredibles and SM:M2 Stitch ones which have popped up recently but probably more permanent...