Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast (8th April 2006)

Started by Anthony, March 14, 2005, 12:46:08 AM

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I absolutely agree with everything you said, Discoveryboy!

Maybe we should just rebel and constantly refer to the ride as "Laser Blast" still?  If we continue to use the name on websites and forums and then annoy DLRP a bit by using it in emails, on the phone and asking questions in the parks they might get the idea!

Have you noticed how I'm trying to be good and not mention the P word?*

*petition  :roll:  :twisted:


This is odd - I've just checked the Buzz section on Extraordinet and downloaded the English press release again.  The only thing is, the version that is online now doesn't have the title of the attraction at the top.  The old version said this at the top:

Buzz Lightyear's Space Adventure
English version

Whereas the version which is currently online doesn't have that - in fact, it doesn't give a name for the attraction at all.

Also, the press releases in other languages never had that either.  The English one was added first and then I suppose when they added the others they changed the English one so it didn't have that at the top.  The title of the section on Exploraordinet still says "Buzz Lightyear Space Adventure" though, but this all leads me to believe that they haven't decided on a name at all yet.  And if they had, they've changed their minds and want a bit more time to think about it.

It is very strange to read the new English press release since whilst it talks about the attraction and Buzz Lightyear, it doesn't mention the attraction name at all.  Hopefully they'll make their minds up before the end of this summer so travel agents can use the name in their Spring/Summer 2006 brochures...


Just looking at them both again, it appears the opening paragraph of the press release has also been changed very slightly:

Old version:
Buckle up with Buzz Lightyear and defend your toys against the Evil Emperor Zurg – on a code-red intergalactic emergency ride into the Gamma Quadrant.

New version:
To Disneyland, and beyond! Be one of the chosen, and Buckle up with Buzz Lightyear to defend toys against the Evil Emperor Zurg – on a code-red intergalactic emergency ride into the Gamma Quadrant.

That's not quite as interesting as the apparent withdrawal of the "Space Adventure" name (for now) though...  :?


Following picture was posted by "tom2" on the board:

It's the new layout of Constellations and the Buzz building.


Thanks to "tarzan" on forum, here are two PDFs showing a storyboard for a commercial for the Buzz attraction.  Originally believed to be fake, they are now looking to be quite real after another member, "Leo of Terror", described new commercials shown to CMs to inform them of the new attractions...

This commercial is said to be different to the one CMs are shown (which features shots of the Tokyo version of the ride), but the logo at the same is apparently the same in both.

And that logo does look VERY nice indeed, albeit not very "Discoverylandish".  It looks so much more serious than the logos for the other Buzz rides, and I think it would be nice if they did actually make this version of the ride a bit more adult and serious than the rather cheesy and cheap-looking other versions...


Here's some exciting news from "La Rouquine" on Disney Central Plaza Forum:

- The dividing walls between the different scenes in the ride are now in place.
- The blacklight paintings will start to be put in place from next week.
- The rails/vehicles (omnimover system) will be installed between September and November.

Exciting eh?  It's surprising just how quickly this attraction is arriving.  If it opens around the same time as Mission 2, then it will have taken just over 18months, including removing all the Le Vis stuff!  :D

Let's hope now that some lucky CMs can get into the building (officially, not illegally, of course!) during construction to get some photos, like we saw with Disneyland CA's.  :wink:


Great news!  It's going so fast.  :o


News from

The Marketing department of Disneyland Resort Paris announced today to the resort management team that the official name for the Buzz Lightyear attraction has been changed from Buzz Lightyear's Space Adventure to  BUZZ LIGHTYEAR'S LASER BLAST  

The attraction will be launched like Space Mountain - Mission II right after EASTER 2006.

It sounds pretty official.  Perhaps they listened to the comments we gave them when they did the survey?  I think quite a few fans mentioned that the original Laser Blast name was better.  Whatever made them change their mind - it looks 99.9% sure it's going to be Laser Blast now! Yay!  :D  :D


Yay so much better.

We had a talk with a trustable CM yesterday, and he told us that he had the chance for a quick walk inside the building.  He told us that the dividing walls are up and most of them are painted with stars and space themes.   :D


Great news about the name change!!!  :D


And now, whereas before it said "Buzz Lightyear Space Adventure" on Extraordinet, it now says "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast"!!

Yesss!   =D>  Do you really think they listened to us?
Oh DLRP, you're so great when you want to be...  :D

Now we're left with just one mystery - will it be "Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast" or "Buzz Lightyear's Laser Blast"?  I'd say the *second* one. (edit: changed my mind since when I first posted this)  It matches with the original EuroDisney SCA document about the new attractions as well as the logo in those PDF documents which were posted above.  In fact, those PDFs are looking more and more real everyday - I bet the final logo is very very similar if not identical to the one shown in those...  :wink:


Here is the logo as seen in those PDFs:

I *really* love it!  It's so un-tacky compared to the logos from other resorts, and could really mean that they're making it into more of a serious ride.  What I haven't liked about most of the design of the other attractions is that they're just a little bit too light hearted - something darker and more serious like this logo suggests would really fit in our Discoveryland.  I also like the humour in the storyboards in those PDFs as well - I hope they manage to fit some of that into our attraction.

I think this logo could be a serious contender for the final one.  It seems very much like a logo DLRP would make, and the graphic in the middle fits perfectly and is well-designed enough to make me believe that this logo really isn't fake...

The only thing which doesn't seem right in this logo is the placing of "Buzz Lightyear".  It just seems a little out of place.  On the PDFs it's shown in two seperate graphics, so I just guessed the name would go above the Laser Blast like that...  It might look better if Buzz's name was a bit bigger, perhaps?


Has anyone else noticed that they're rereleasing both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 as seperate 2-disc DVDs this Winter?  Isn't that just PERFECT timing for this attraction?  It'll get everyone interested in the films again so that by the time Laser Blast opens they'll all really want to go and be Buzz Lightyear!  Anyone who's scared that Buzz has lost his marketing potential really needn't be...

 :arrow: //

I'm going to place another (slightly less optimistic) bet now, and say that I bet DLRP won't use this awesome marketing oppertunity to advertise Laser Blast.  They could put an insert in the DVD advertising it, or even an advert on the DVD... but they most likely won't...  :roll:


It looks like work has now most definately begun on the exterior of the building - or at least work preparing for work on the exterior of the building!  :wink: :lol:

(Source: Korto, Disney Central Plaza Forum)


Wow, everything is going so fast.  :shock: