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Started by Anthony, March 14, 2005, 12:06:03 AM

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The Butlin Boy

:) Wow, it looks very good, something that will probably be there for a long time. It would be nice if they made it a bit toony-er , perhaps by adding some pictures/models of Disney characters and, like Baloo suggested, a name.


Aww, that's great!! I love new merchandise shops :D
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It looks better than I thought it would :lol: I thought it would be another trailer.


Today I've been to the Studios and noticed the small stand aswell. I'll post some pics tomorrow. In my opinion the stand fits Toon Studio quite well with its curved roof (similar to the Animation building and Studio 3). Besides that they put it in a very clever location: the hart of the area, so its quite busy.  :)


Here are 2 pics of the stand I took yesterday. Some more pics of my trip will follow soon!


Looks very nice, although I never really buy something at those stands, but my husband always needs to stop on those for a little look. So I'm sure he will stop at this one too. ;-) And the design really suits to the rest. I like it that DLP design their stands so well like the rest of the park.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


The should spend a Logo or something for the roof. It´s a bit poor without a sign.
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The shop is very Popular ! :)

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yeah we saw that, but all the shops in the Studios are selling Cars and Nemo stuff we saw, even some in Disneyland Park.


Actually I think I know why it is so popular. It's just next to the new attractions Cars and Crush's Coaster. So when people come from their first ride experience of these their totally in the mood of those. So of course they want to buy stuff of it.  :D
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


The trashcans have finally received their own logo at Toon Studio:


The Butlin Boy

That is the coolest trash can I have ever seen 8)


Nice logo!


Quote from: "Maarten"Here are 2 pics of the stand I took yesterday. Some more pics of my trip will follow soon!

I see McQueen & Mater Plushies!
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