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Started by Anthony, March 14, 2005, 12:06:03 AM

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#45 reports that Imagineers are testing the height of the Finding Nemo show building.  


It's getting exciting now!  ...And it's only some balloons! :D

The building looks huge!  I didn't expect it to be that high at all, but I suppose the bigger it is the better really, since it'll have more of an impact and allow a longer ride.

It's a good sign as well that they're making sure it can't be seen from inside DLP too much.  :)

By the way, don't just those four coloured balloons suddenly make Animation Courtyard seem so much more inviting and pleasant?


QuoteBy the way, don't just those four coloured balloons suddenly make Animation Courtyard seem so much more inviting and pleasant?

I was thinking the same thing.  :lol:  :lol:  :lol:


Zygo on Central Park made this rendering.  It's HUGE!!  :shock:  :o


It looks huge indeed!! But i have to say i'm surprised that it doesn't look bad. I think the studios can use some extra things to cheer it up a bit, like this for example. And i trust DLRP that they will make the exterior of the building look nice too.  :wink:


Quote from: "Jorien"It looks huge indeed!! But i have to say i'm surprised that it doesn't look bad. I think the studios can use some extra things to cheer it up a bit, like this for example.
Yeah, having a building this huge will make the Studios seem more cut off from the outside world, and if they theme the area around it enough then it'll be a very involving area of the Studios.  I'm not quite sure how to say it, but it'll give you that feeling that you're really in a different world, which is exactly what the Studios needs.

Hey, and imagine if they hopefully do have some of the track coming out of the building!  :shock:  This is going to seriously change WDS!  I suppose they could always still alter the height though, if it was visible from DLP... although now I'm remembering that the whole of the Phantom Manor showbuilding is inbetween there, not to mention half of the ImagiNations car park, a road and a berm...  I think they'll be OK.  :wink:


QuoteHey, and imagine if they hopefully do have some of the track coming out of the building

they'll do indeed :)
Hug it out bitch !


There's some more information about the Finding Nemo ride in an article at

QuoteOn travaille actuellement sur des personnages virtuels, réalisés en images de synthèse et que nous intégrons dans de véritables décors!» Le résultat est, paraît-il, stupéfiant.

Translation: We are currently working on virtual characters, realisted by computer images which we integrate in a real environment.  The result is amazing!

So we'll be getting a Mission 2 like setup, as I understand it right.  Real props and decorations, with animated projections.  But, the article also mentions that Finding Nemo will be the  first ride in Paris which will get this kind of technology.   :?
Did I translate something wrong?


Very interesting!

I think they might be talking about something more along the lines of the singing busts in PM rather than simple projection screens like Mission 2.  By that I mean they could use projections that will appear to interact with real props and decorations.

An example could be that they'll have scenery like a coral reef, and then CGI-generated projections of Nemo and Dory swimming around it...  I think this could be what they mean perhaps.

Whatever they're planning, every time we hear something about this attraction it seems to take a step upwards in terms of how advanced and unique it will be.  It really is looking more like an E-Ticket than a D-Ticket all the time, isn't it?  :D


Well, in case it wasn't clear yet, it's getting pretty sure it's going to be the Cars ride!

Quote[...]They also need to be tempted to spend more, especially at the hotel complex and the smaller and less successful Studio park, which has been criticised for a lack of attractions. Two of the construction projects are designed to address this deficiency. Toonland, with rides and shows based on the forthcoming Cars movie as well as Finding Nemo and Aladdin, will open in 2007, according to Peter McGrath, director of creative development at the Paris park and one of Disney's "imagineers", or theme park designers.

"All this has been planned since 2002, and we are now getting to do it as part of our growth strategy," he said.

 :arrow: ... _775Terror


I've just noticed that article also mentions: "shows".  Maybe Lilo & Stitch-like shows will be moved to this land?


Baloo, I think they mention the same system in an article on miceage about the Submarine ride at Disney California!

QuoteWhile Baz and Bernie will be actual animatronic crabs under the water, the rest of the Finding Nemo characters will be animation appearing via projection systems that will be set up inside the acrylic window boxes that will be constructed inside the lagoon and flooded show building. The first such huge box will actually be built out in the lagoon itself, just past Baz and Bernie. But the rest of those effects will take place in several more large boxes set inside the show building past the waterfalls.


Post by CM Leonard (Constellations) at board:

Quote...on August 27th. Cast Members are currently informed that they have to stop using the Imaginations' parking as of August 17.

And, yes, the balloons we saw a few months ago were for Nemo, and the ride's only going to occupy approximately a fourth of the parking!

Only a fourth?????  :?:  :cry:


Amazing news comes from Soundtracker on MiceChat:

BIG NEWS!!! I've just been lucky enough to be shown the schematics for the Toon Studios! And guess what? It looks great!
The schematic includes an overhead view of the new "land", including the Cars ride, and a detailed look at the interiors of Crush's Sea Turtle Spin - the new Finding Nemo ride.

I won't go into details here (not enough time, and the Mouse has big ears), but the ride appears to be absolutley HUGE! It's built on two levels, and includes a sweeping drop that takes riders outside the building for a few seconds before plunging them back indoors and imersing them in a colouful coral reef scene.
There's also a scene in the deep sea trench, where riders will be menaced by the angler fish (it looks as though this entire scene will be covered with some gorgeous fiber optic effects). As if this wasn't enough, there's going to be a dash through a cloud of jelly fish, all lit up with fiber optic lights.
And this is all BEFORE your spinning turtle vehicle enters the main section of the ride building, which contains some really long straight sections of track, and some wicked banking curves. East Australian current, anyone?

A further nugget of information for you all – the "Cars" section of the new land will be themed to Route 66 and the American desert. The ride is a basic figure of eight spinner (like in Mermaid Lagoon in Tokyo and Flick's Fun Fair in DCA), set in an abandoned petrol station. It will be under cover, and each car will accommodate four guests. All this will be set alongside a strip of highway, running from the front of Crush, towards the rear of the new land.
Oh, and the Flying Carpets look set to receive some extra themeing as well, with the addition of some extra sand dunes around the front section of the ride.


I should point out that although I've seen top-down views of the whole ride (track layout, etc.), I've only seen artistic plans for half of it. By artistic plans, I mean sketches and designs for scenery, effects, etc. As yet, I haven't seen a single artistic plan for the main section of the show building, which will contain the East Australian Current scene, among other things. All I do know is that it starts with a very loooooooong lift, which runs the entire length of the building. The lift will be themed to look like the inside of the ruined submarine, and a certain shark will be putting in an appearance. Now remember, fish are friends, not food. But he didn't say anything about humans...

One other major detail, which I forgot to point out in my last post, is that the ride is definitely a moderated spinning mouse system. Each turtle vehicle seats four people, back to back. The turtle won't be spinning constantly, which means that 50% of the guests will go through certain sections of the ride backwards. As a result, all the special effects (such as projections of Nemo and friends, and the large animatronic angler fish) are going to be doubled up. One effect will be placed in the line of sight of those guests facing forwards, while an exact copy will be angled for those facing backwards.
It seems the rumour that guests will be able to spin the turtle themselves (à la teacups) is unfounded. Instead, it will work as an ordinary spinning mouse, with triggers beneath the track turning the guests round at given points.

Oh, one last thing - the track contains a lot of sudden dips and rabbit hops. It seems we could be getting a lot of airtime on this one!

Sweet Laker

That sounds very great, thanx for providing this info on this board!!!!  :D