My ideas: from 2007 to 2017!

Started by murkai, June 19, 2007, 10:25:18 PM

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I really like this idea.
I understand that the budget may be a problem but if it did get built it would be amazing :)
I love the way you have incorparated the princesses and classic disney into it aswell it would really make the studios different and origional well done :D
I only hope that we don\'t lose sight of one thing,that it was all started by a mouse[size=150] Walt Disney

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Hmmm, it is good to play, but I would be unhappy if those sorts of things were built. Disney is at it's absolute best when they are not doing things with toons and create original attractions.
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i think you have rearly rearly rearly good ideas i rearly like the soarin over narnia some thing different for our disney instead of getting more copies that every land is getting rearly good nice one thats what paris needs.
     i rearly like the idea of the mulan course and the pride rock rapids and i dont matter what peeps say about budget i like that you went nuts every thing you say has bacon double genious burger on it great work x


I always thought that if WDS got Soarin it should be soarin over Europe. Europe has so many great landmarks that would be great for a Soarin attraction. I also dont think the Studios should have a castle... ToT and the Earful Tower makes a perfect skyline for the park, a castle would just ruin it. I think the princess's should stay in the Disneyland Park and that goes for the little mermaid ride too.

I don\'t know when, I don\'t know how, but I know something is starting right now.
Watch and you\'ll see, someday I\'ll be Part of Your World.

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Even though I would love to see Fantasmic! open in DLRP... fact is that weather wise it isnot ver attractive to open such a big show. If it goes for a copy paste from WDW it will be an open theatre for approx 8500 people, in a rainy inviorment. And with the show technics (and many show stops or cxls I have seen there) it wont be running alot of the times.

I cant realy see a smaller version (show wise) since Fant! is so amazing for all its effects and Mickey popping up on to of the mountian...