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Started by flor, January 13, 2004, 07:23:04 AM

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What is your opinion of the (new) Needmag?c commercials?


I'm glad they made new commercials!  They look really "fresh" and funny  :D


I really like them!  They make me wanna go back  :cry:


I think the Rock'n'Rollercoaster add is sooo cool.  8)
That's the one I like the most...


I like the one made for the UK the most. That ad shows just everything: Disney Village, Disney Golf, the park, the studios, the hotels.... and the shots are amazing (flying above the lights of Disney Village  :shock: )


yeah, my favorite too!!

 :arrow:  PS. You can download this one from the English Need Magic site!


That advert is great, it shows you the whole resort in a magical and interesting way, but unfortunately i haven't seen it on UK TV yet.

They are, however, playing the Space Mountain ad to death on Channel 4 and it looks much better on TV than online!  I thinkwe might see the 1minute advert later, once more people have seen the current adverts and kindof know what needmag?c is all about.


I hope they will put them on the disney dvd's  :D


Quote from: "raptor1982"I hope they will put them on the disney dvd's  :D

Yeah that would be great, a quick and easy way of reaching a high number of people directly in their target audience!  If they put them on the Finding Nemo DVD it would be even better because that is sure to sell hugely everywhere!

This seems more likely now aswell, with the increase in advertising in Disney DVDs (both The Lion King SE and POTC had an insert in them - see for scans of them)