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Started by JMB, June 06, 2020, 08:19:06 PM

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First thing, to be clear, this isn't a criticism but I was wondering how many people are still actively looking at this board.  I've been on here for just over 2 years, which isn't very long, but in that time the number of posts have plummeted.

I just wonder who's still out there (a 👍 in reply would be great) and why there are so few posts. I used to look every day and there would usually be something on here, it would be nice to get back to that


I'm still around.
I usually have a look here once a day or so, but unfortunately it's been pretty dead here for a long time.
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In my opinion, social media has taken over a lot of the posts.
I'm in a few groups on a very popular social media site, and especially one has a lot of traffic.
So it's shifted from here to there. It's probably easier foe people to just search there, rather than search for forums and the register.
4 trips to DLP, 3 to WDW, 1 to Disneyland California



I too visit everyday, but as previously said the numbers have dwindled. Shame really


I'm a bit old fashioned and love a good forum.  I suppose it's a bit like using cassettes 😁


I still look in, but admit it is usually before a trip to see if there is anything new. Maybe the development work will bring in a bit more buzz.

DLP has dried up a bit with not much new happening, and that has meant not much to discuss. It seems most of the posts are the usual questions about dining reservations, hotels, and tips.
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To further prove the point of dwindling numbers, I'm replying almost 5 months later! Haha.

It's a shame really. Over the years forums have been a fantastic way to communicate, hang out and make new friends but they're a dying breed like everyone says. Social media captures so much more of an audience than a forum now. The thing is I've been to Disneyland Paris the last 3 Christmas' on the bounce and through a combination of reading on here and some YouTube videos I was able to go armed with enough knowledge and tips to make my trips count even when they've been insanely busy. Infact this forum was what I used to look at meal vouchers and even when I planned on getting my AP and going once every two months (I live in the UK, so it's not that difficult but then the world went on it's head as booked to go to sort it in April).

I think places like this will cling on for a little while longer but time will ultimately be it's downfall and we'll all be worse off for it when it happens.
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Pete's Dragon

This place really is a ghosttown. I'm surprised Anthony hasn't sent it the way of the dinos. never did make it to 5000 posts :-(


Hi PD!! According to your profile you just did reach the 5000 ;)


Quote from: Pete's Dragon on March 22, 2021, 11:13:56 PM
This place really is a ghosttown. I'm surprised Anthony hasn't sent it the way of the dinos. never did make it to 5000 posts :-(

I thought everyone knew I'm only leaving the forum here so people can come and comment how quiet it is every six months? 😂

Ps: Congrats on the big 5,000! There's life in the place yet...