When do people plan to return to DLP?

Started by grovesie, February 08, 2021, 10:50:23 AM

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How's everyone doing/

I started to look at our next stay. We plan to stay over Christmas this year. a 5 night trip at the Sequoia.

This made me think if any others had started to think about returning to the magic or had booked any trips

Let me know your thoughts or plans?

Stay safe




We haven't thought about making any bookings yet.
Probably won't go back in a few years.
4 trips to DLP, 3 to WDW, 1 to Disneyland California



We've been talking about it, although probably won't plan anything until the second half of 2022 just to be safe. With things being so up in the air still we aren't planning any holidays for 2021 at all. All plans are on hold until next year.

Doesn't mean I haven't been looking at the DLP website and longing to go back though...


Prices at the moment seem very good. We will see how it goes before taking a plunge.


We have taken the plunge and booked our stay 24th - 28th December. Fingers crossed.


I had planned to stay over new years again but to stay on the actual night (31st) it was £1k more. So I have booked it from the 1st Jan as we have stayed over Christmas day and New years day before. Fingers crossed it will happen. I can't see why it wouldn't.

My biggest fear is the flights being cancelled but again by then it should all be ok. :-)


We are travelling by Eurostar and too hope that by the end of the year things are better. Now all we have to do is just sit and wait

Pete's Dragon

As soon as everything is back to 'normal'. everyone is itching to go. might need 2 apartments!

polar vixen

We're booked for sept as had moved our holiday from last year. I'm really hoping we can go! And looking at booking again for next year but when I check there's no early booking offers! Am I missing something we can only afford to book when free dining is on, and there are no offers at all😳🤔


We've just booked today for October half term as they are offering the ZEN booking promise so won't lose any money. We're not telling the kids so no disappointment if it doesn't happen... The price via the French website was the lowest we've ever seen it in all our years of going so couldn't resist!


I'm planning on 2022 when it is the 30th anniversary, hoping that parades/shows etc are fully up and running by then. Also I go by direct Eurostar so need them to be back too.
I have booked a cheeky little UK Disney cruise for this year though to get a Disney fix :)


Please let us know how the cruise is. It is something that I was interested in