Would you risk it?

Started by aj2703, May 23, 2020, 08:53:29 AM

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When the parks open back up the likelihood I would say is that as far as travel insurance goes, you won't get cover for coronavirus.

So would you risk going without cover?

Does the NHS card you get cover you for medical in France I wonder? This would give some kind of peace of mind if something did happen.


I would in no way go without travel insurance.
Are the NHS card the same as the European Health Insurance Card? If it is, you should get the same level treatment as the French do, but I would not base it only on that card alone.
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It's gong to be interesting how they plan to reopen the parks. There will be so many questions. So much policing needed and then there's the 14 day self isolation when you return to the UK. I cant see many from the UK making the journey yet. We will return but not until things are a lot safer.


Don't quite have the same issues since we live in Luxembourg, and as of Monday our borders are open and we can freely travel between Luxembourg and France without restrictions or quarantines (for now)

We will probably try going when they open. Maybe a quick weekend trip if they open in August, then a longer one (couple of nights) in September (we have some days off work then)

Personally I think that when they first open it will be when it's safest to go - probably fewer travellers, and everyone will be quite concious with the measures put in place...


www.worldometers.info if you check out the CV19 stuff France still have lower cases than the UK. If you are happy to mask up and take hand gel. Why not? It seems from what we will all miss in parades we will make up for in the sheer amount of characters at the selfie points. If you treat it as the time you went during the pandemic it will be fine. You will be at risk wherever you are unless you are fully shielding. I would rather be sensible in DLP than stuck at home and catch it in Lidl ;)
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