Princess Pavilion advice?

Started by donnadaydream, June 10, 2018, 05:38:05 PM

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Hi we are going with my princess obsessed nephew in July. We will be getting a disability pass for him but have been warned by a friend that you have to race down to the pavilion to queue to get a ticket for later in the day. We aren't staying on site and plan on getting there early. My problem is _ I will have to queue at the donald desk to get his and my ticket (I get a free carer ticket). My oh will be collecting his and our sons pre booked tickets.We then will need to get his priority pass. I understand this doesn't apply for the meet and greets and the princesses so will one of us be best staying to get that and the other run for the ticket? Or am I completely misunderstanding?


There are a number of time(d) slots available for holders of EAC/DPC's. Once these are given out, you have to join the "regular" queue.
How long will you be staying? You could check out how crowded it is the first day if you just get all the cards/tickets and then walk to the Princess Pavillion. There's always a CM at the entrance to help you or answer any questions.


We are in France for a week but have / will be getting the 2 day 2 park tickets. The current plan is to go on the Wednesday then  again either the Friday or Saturday - it will be the 27th/ 28th July so I imagine it'll be busy both days!