15 Years of Walt Disney Studios Park

Started by Rocketeer, March 17, 2017, 08:10:10 PM

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Seems that the anniversary has passed us by. Walt Disney Studios opened 15 years ago (yesterday) 16th March.

We had high hopes...

Thankfully it is much improved since those days. But there's still a long long way to go.

"We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." - Walt Disney


Wow I didn't think the park was this unloved.

I do wonder what the place will look like in '22 for its 20th Anniversary. Will it have improved by then?

"We're not trying to entertain the critics ... I'll take my chances with the public." - Walt Disney


15 years, yet they're getting rid of Cinemagique. Despicable.


look at how much it has changed in that time. i think the cinemagique closure is part of something bigger that will transform the park.

you would imagine armageddon and that whole area would be reworked next


They should expand first before replacing iconic attractions.


I really like the Studios Park. I hate the bad rep it gets. I love all the shows and the more laid back feel - you can go and rest your feet whilst watching some great stuff. Also I love the movie studio theming (I am biased as I work in the film industry though!) and the shops are some of the best and the restaurants are some of the cheapest.

Every new major addition recently (Toy Story Playland, Crush, Ratatouille, Mickey and the Magician, Star Wars shows) has improved the park immeasurably. I appreciate its not as pretty as the main park - lack of water features, plants etc, but a Studios Park is not designed that way. I'm looking forward to seeing it grow and progress.

I was sad to see Animagique go, but Mickey and the Magician is a great addition. I love Cinemagique and I hope that whatever replaces it is equally as good. I just hope that they don't ruin Topwer of Terror by making it GoG themed, I really love the design and theming of that ride and building.


I have always enjoyed the buzz of Studio 1 as you walk in, the thrills of Moteurs, Rock and Roller, Tot.

It's getting so dated but Studio Tram Tour and seeing all the sets and props is just so fascinating. I would love to see a few new additions here and an updated audio guide.

Yes this park is not as pretty but it has its own persona and I love it when they go lights camera action and tell you to look around cos you never know what will happen next :-)
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The WDS has some great rides in it, I think it was let down by years of mismanagement and change of direction continually as it doesn't seem to have a clear identity.

it has some of the better thrill rides and seemed to be focusing its attention on older audiences to boost attendance and a few family friendly ones as well but didn't really expand either option out, the shows were good and handy for sheltering out of the element to warm up in winter months.

the videopolis is also underused could have incorporated the shows into its running reels but I don't think either actually belong inside the park as such but would be better placed in Disney village in between the two as a big open style theatre like the videopolis is with several screens/rooms showing the older shows like animagique and cinemagique minus the live performance, upcoming trailers, cartoons, captain EO etc. this would just be a downtime zone in between the two parks to relax and recharge some batteries, grab some food and reduce overloading capacity at lunchtimes etc in the parks themselves.

the idea behind the studios decor makes sense if you are trying to achieve a more competitive theme park area to compete with other European parks that only pull are its rides itself, I've never heard anyone going to alton towers or Thorpe park for its interaction and theming.

I think the studios was designed to be a pull more to teenagers and adults seeking more adrenaline rush rides that would keep them coming back to Disney from when they were younger but after ToT got added it all just stopped most likely due to the dire financial situation it was left half finished and empty feeling


Quote from: Rocketeer on March 20, 2017, 01:58:34 PM
Wow I didn't think the park was this unloved.

I do wonder what the place will look like in '22 for its 20th Anniversary. Will it have improved by then?

Parts of it look like a car park/concrete jungle which is a shame.