Blast from the Past - Vintage EuroDisney Paris 1994

Started by Anonymous, May 15, 2007, 07:04:27 PM

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I loved those pumpkin outfits clothed by the dancers before the cart of Cinderella.
And I enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast Show also!
I want that show baaaaaaaaaaack! 8)
Cool pictures.
I still have a VHS of Disneyland 1993!



I wish they'd have a Beauty and the Beast show back in DLRP, for obvious reasons.



Yes, totally.
In holland there's a 'Broadway' musical too from the Beauty and the Beast. But there's nothing more magical than a show from Disneyparcs self!


I'm going to see the musical two weeks today!


Hope they have a gorgeous Belle!

I saw it last year, and she was brilliant - it was an actress called Jo Gibb.


Quote from: "Dark_Prince"I'm going to see the musical two weeks today!


Hope they have a gorgeous Belle!

I saw it last year, and she was brilliant - it was an actress called Jo Gibb.

We have Chantal Janzen as Belle. Links: ... Janzen.jpg

I think she's pretty too :oops:


Hmmm, I don't really like her.

She's blonde. Her outfit doesn't match Belle's.

You're talking to a Belle purist here.



I really LOVE those photos! So interesting to have a comparisom of the two different eras. I actually really like the old Ariel float with the boat instead of the clamshell  :D  Beauty and the Beast hasnt really changed has it, apart from the base of the float? Or am I wrong ? Intersting how some floats have gone and been replaced with others.


Beauty and the Beast was identical. I'm not sure which version of the Ariel float I prefer. It was nice to see her in human form, but I think I like having the mermaid Ariel in the parade.

For me, the most interesting thing is the real horses in the parade.


That's the BEST POST EVER!

oh my god*_*


I never actually had a go on Star Course, so I'm not sure what you were mean't to do. It's a bit of a shame that it's just a big empty space there now.


You had stand on this boards there and drive against the others by moving your body. The other was on the big screen as little space ships.

Something other: My first Disneyland brochure! It´s the one from 1992 and the most photos aren´t from Disneyland Paris but from the US resorts.

We start with the title:

"travel guide for gorgeous/perfect dream holiday"

The index of contents:

"Welcome at the Euro Disney Resort !"
Look the only pic of DLRP is the castle  :D

"Welcome at the Euro Disneyland Theme Park"/Main Street USA
again US pics

Frontierland and Adventureland:

Fantasyland and Discoveryland

"accommodate in the middle of the empire of dreams"/Disneyland Hotel
(wish show the grand floridien from WDW")

Hotel New York and the Newport Bay Club (but that one in WDW)

Sequoia Lodge and Cheyenne

Santa Fe and "Camp" Davy Crockett

"Games and Fun"/Festival Disney (Maybe Plasure Island?)

The way to the resort and promotion for the 6 packages

A promotion for europcar with a big spelling mistake in the headline :)

Feel free to write me a PM if you wanna something in better quality or bigger!
Wer nämlich mit "H" schreibt ist dämlich.

...the DPG is watching U...


:pluto: We watched the Belle show and it was one of the best shows we had seen at Disney. So magical :D


Well naturally, it's Belle!



lol... I can see that the Santa Fe hasn't changed! it's still as nice as ever!


i wish i had old brochure's and maps. i tried looking on ebay but couldnt find any :( the pics are fantastic!! thankyou so much for sharng them with us all. its great to see what it was like before the first time i went (2004)