Blast from the Past - Vintage EuroDisney Paris 1994

Started by Anonymous, May 15, 2007, 07:04:27 PM

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Hey my first trip was one week after the opening from Eurodisneyland Resort April 1992, i was 7 years and can remember everything, have an video from this time and a lot of pics. for a couple of month i was looking at all my stuff from DLRP and found the plastic entree cards, an information book from davy crocket and a map i bought in germany from Michelin tires.

Pic of the map:

Pic from the cards:

Pic from the info book:

enjoy the pics and have fun by ur next visit  :D


I believe my first trip was in 1992 or 93 when I was only 2 so i don't really remember much. I remember more form my trip in 95. It's funny, because it all seemed so giant back then ( I suppose I was much smaller). It's changed so much in 15 years, what with new attractions and a new park, hasn't it.
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Brilliant pics,have to post mine from May 1992 ,just a month after the park opened; and it was empty !! Standing on Main Street with about 10 other people ,and of course no wait for any ride,and every ride and restaurant was open ! Great memories !!


Notice how even back then I had a tendency to focus on Belle with my pictures?  :lol:

My obsession with her hadn't even kicked in really at that time - although Beauty and the Beast was always my favourite movie from being reintroduced to Disney when I was about 21 or 22.

Of course, my pictures have got a bit more sophisticated since then, and I've managed to get a bit closer to her too.  :D


Love all those pictures. Thanks Dark prince


Seeing the pictures of the Beauty and the Beast show was fab I remember the show it was fab, i wish they would bring it back :D  :D


Yes this show was wonderful. I saw it very often as it was played for some years.
Oh Boy ! \":mickey2:\"


Quote from: "disney_donutter"I loved my first trip.. It was when the main st electrical parade was on and it was lovely!!
Love the Mainstreet electrical parade too. Glad that atleast one parc (Anaheim) is using this parade again. Hope it will come to DLRP again, too


Are there annymore "Blast from the past" picures? I love to see all of them


Oh I´ve got a lot but no time at the moment to scan them :?
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While cleaning out some drawers this morning, I found an old Disneyland Paris guidebook from 1998 - and a show time schedule from august 1996...

Back in 1998, the big new thing was "The Wonderful World of Disney Parade" (from March 30), followed by "Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Too" (from April 1) at the "Theatre du Chateau".
The "Festival des Fleurs" enchanted guests from May 1 to June 28 and Discoveryland welcomed "Disny's California Dream" form August 22 to September 27 with basketball and skateboard artists, cheerleaders, music and palm trees...
The Halloween Season back then only lasted two weeks... from October 17 to November 1 ...

Going further back, Disneyland Paris presented several long gone shows and parades back in the summer of '96:

Twice each morning, "Good Morning Main Street" welcomed guests to the park, followed by two showings of another morning parade presenting Disney's latest stars: "Défilé Toy Story".
In Fantasyland, you could watch "En Scène, s'il vous plait !" at the Fantasy Festival Stage and "Merlin l'Enchanteur" at the castle courtyard, while the Theatre du Chateau still presented "Le Livre Magique de Mickey".
Videopolis was home to "La Belle et la Bete" and the Lucky Nugget Saloon's big attraction was "Lilly's Follies", a "high-kickin' Can-Can show"...
At the Chaparral Theater, guests could "imagine themselves in Hollywood behind a camera shooting the true love story between Pocahontas and John Smith" in "Pocahontas - Le spectacle".

At 15:15 "La Grande Parade Estivale" moved from Fantasyland to Main Street, U.S.A. and "La Parade Électrique" enchanted guests in the evening, before the sky above Frontierland came alive in the "La cavalcade de feu" ... a fireworks show to the sound of western music.

Sounds like a fun day, don't you think?


Quotebefore the sky above Frontierland came alive in the "La cavalcade de feu" ... a fireworks show to the sound of western music.

Never heard of that!  Did you see this? What was it like?  How and where did they pull this off?


Quote from: "raptor1982"
Quotebefore the sky above Frontierland came alive in the "La cavalcade de feu" ... a fireworks show to the sound of western music.

Never heard of that!  Did you see this? What was it like?  How and where did they pull this off?

Honestly... it's been more than 11 years and all those Disney visits start to blur into each other... I don't remember watching the show from inside the park. Back then, we stayed at the Sequoia and my parents decided to watch the nightly fireworks from one of the hotel's balconies...


I wonder if this was a way to have bigger fireworks, as the launch bases would not be located too close to the town.  :?:


Ah - Lilly's Follies - wonderful wonderful show - I have a video of it somewhere.  It was a dinner show so the only way you could see it was by having a meal whilst the show was on.  Loads of wild west atmosphere.

I also loved le livre magique de micky too - and the show that was then on in Videopolis - a sort of tour round the park (have also seen this on the Stage by Fantasyland Station.

This is what DLP did best in 1992 the shows and parades were outstanding - there was a band that used to play near the entrance and band also in the loading by for Molly Brown/Mark Twain.

1992 was an excellent year ....

I have a very very big box full of bits and pieces from the past 15 years - everything from paper bags, plastic bags, cutlery (knife, fork and spoon had different character head on them), guides, even little sticks they put into burgers to keep paper on in different colours for different sauces, etc.

The Wild West Show used to give you a programme giving details of the show which your servers would sign - have lots of these and a pair of Eurodisney Glass Boots which were given to us for free by an English Bar Man!

June :D