12th April 2017

Started by gingajen, January 12, 2017, 11:20:56 PM

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We're booked up to be at DLRP on my daughter's 12th birthday on the 9th April and on the 25th anniversary itself! I'm soooo excited. Does anyone know if there is anything extra special planned on the 12th April? Obviously there are the 25th Anniversary events that have been advertised, but these are going on throughout the season at least. Do they normally do a big 'party' on the big day?


I bet there is a special festive opening of all the 25th activities, but beyond that - no idea :)


If you ask in one of the shops they can put in a special call to Mickey who could wish her happy birthday. A cast member did it unexpectedly for my son once when he turned 6 he was so happy, I could have cried.
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